Relief Garden Initiative

In 2021, Hazon Detroit provided seeds, compost, and support to sustain over 1,500 home gardens in 50 cities across Metro Detroit and beyond.

For the second straight year, Hazon Detroit has helped Metro Detroit grow produce and give back.

The 2021 Hazon Detroit Relief Garden Initiative provided activity, relaxation, and time outdoors for thousands of participants this growing season! We provided the seeds, compost, and support, and our gardeners made sure that there was a sunny location, sufficient water, and a lot of love! Our collective efforts resulted in the growth of vegetables for our relief gardeners, their friends, family, and community. 

We are so pleased to share that we provided the support to start up and sustain approximately 1,500 home gardens in 50 cities throughout – and even beyond – the Metropolitan Detroit area this season!  

Growing your own fruit, herbs, and vegetables is much more sustainable than buying them from the supermarket, as it means less food waste, no packaging, and zero transport emissions. Your produce can be organic if you can choose not to use any pesticides. And donating excess produce to local food pantries helps to sustain your local community. This program made a difference in our participants’ lives, as well as in the lives of others.

Want to get involved? We’re looking forward to your participation in the Hazon Relief Garden Initiative, Spring 2022!