Supporting great people and projects in North America and Israel.

Capacity-building means seeking to effect change not just by impacting individuals as individuals, but also by seeking to strengthen organizations, create and develop networks and hubs, and foster leadership development. Capacity-building includes catalyzing and supporting the Jewish Food Movement seeking to develop the worlds of Jewish Outdoor, Food & Environmental Education (JOFEE) in multiple ways through building and supporting field-building activities.

Capacity-building includes:

  • Developing the JOFEE Network – seeking to recruit, train, network, support, and help deploy a growing number of people who are interested in working in the JOFEE field, as well as supporting other immersive JOFEE programs
  • Fostering new networks and ideas through the Jewish Intentional Communities Initiative and the Jewish Intentional Communities Conference
  • Supporting rabbis, educators, Jewish leaders, and Jewish institutions around the country, especially in our regions: Boulder, Denver, New York, Detroit, and San Diego
  • Raising money for other organizations across North America and in Israel through our bike rides, and overseeing Makom Hadash to help incubate, house and network great young organizations in the Jewish world
  • Naming and catalyzing the Jewish Food Movement, including our Food Conference and a series of gatherings