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Spring Teva is Here!

  “I used to think nature was something I was outside of, but now I know it is something I am a part of!” – Sarah, 4th grade       Teva educators and staff members eagerly awaited the first school of the Spring Teva season yesterday morning, looking out over the lake at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in Connecticut, remarking on the budding trees and plants, the simultaneous stillness and steady movement of spring awakening before us. We shared gratitude for the land and prepared for the school bus to arrive. Shefa from Manhattan arrived early afternoon, with 31 kids excitedly exiting the bus to song. They were oriented and had time to move into their cabins before coming back for lunch. After lunch and a Teva Band introduction, they watched the Teva staff perform Bereishit (in the beginning), which tells the creation story and introduces the idea of humans and nature as being interconnected and demonstrates the need for us to have awareness and to take responsibility for our actions in order to create a healthier, more sustainable world. After the play, the kids were sent in their kvutzot (groups) with their educators into the forest, to […]

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