Details for Registered Riders

We understand that the Israel Ride can be a complicated endeavor. Please use the checklist and tools below to ensure that you are fully prepared.

Many of these questions involve filling out sections of the Logistics Form
Crew Israel ride

2013 Israel Ride
Crew & Staff

I can’t say enough for the professional and volunteer crew on the ride. There was no question that I had that was not already anticipated and taken care of 5 min ago.
—2013 rider

Life on the Road


The weather varies throughout the Ride. In the morning and evenings it can be chilly, although it is often quite warm by noon. There is a chance of rain throughout the ride, which can create cold misty days. Layers are the key. Specialty cycling clothes, especially bike shorts, are strongly recommended for riding. Evenings and Shabbat attire is very casual, but should also be layered for warmth when needed.


On three of the five riding days, you can switch between the three riding groups. Your riding group on the other two days will be determined by your other riding group choices. Each riding group has its own support team of lead riders, sweep cars, rest stops, and a medical team. There is a rest stop set up approximately every 15-20 miles, including one lunch stop. Food – often dried fruit, nuts, granola bars – and drinks are provided. Our tour educators will also teach about the history of the region and local environmental issues at various stops.

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Daily Routine

We start the days early, around 6:30 am, to avoid the the afternoon heat. After loading the trucks with luggage and day bags (which you can access at lunch), everyone eats breakfast, or a light snack if breakfast will be on the road. Optional prayers are offered and mechanics are available. The group generally arrives around 3 pm to the overnight accommodation. Some evenings feature an educational presentation. Evening prayers are offered. We encourage everyone to get to bed early to make sure you have a full tank of energy for the next day!

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International Flights

You are responsible to book and pay for your own international flights. Flights from New York to Israel are generally between $900 and $1300. Plan to arrive in Israel by 8 am on Tuesday, October 27th. Plan to depart Israel after noon on Tuesday, November 3rd. Note: Passports must be valid for 6 months after your return flight.


We recommend bringing one piece of luggage and one smaller item, like a backpack. You may bring a laptop. Laptops are best transported by padding them with clothing in your luggage. The Israel Ride provides one jersey to every rider, and we recommend bringing two other jerseys. You do not need five complete sets of cycling clothing, and will not need much regular clothing.

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Flying with Your Bike

If you are bringing your bike, you’ll need to disassemble it, pack it in a box, and fly with it. Airlines generally allow bikes to fly as a piece of luggage. There is often a set charge for flying with your bike. Ask the airline about flying with bikes and frequent flyer discounts.

The Israel Ride contracts with a storage company, which is located 10 minutes from Ben Gurion airport. Before the Ride, we will send out the contact information for the company. You can call the storage facility when you land to meet you and pick up your bike from you. A crew member of the Israel Ride may be available to help you in the airport. Our crew will drive all of the bikes to our starting hotel in Jerusalem. We will transport your bike box during the Ride. At the end of the Ride, our mechanics will help disassemble and pack your bike. Our crew will then drive all of the bikes to the storage company, and you will be able to call the company to pick up your bike when you arrive at Ben Gurion airport for your departing international flight.

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Arrival in Israel

The Israel Ride orientation is held on Tuesday, October 27th. You need to be at the hotel no later than noon, but your room may not be ready until 3 pm. There are private taxis and group taxis (sherut) from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem. Bike assembly, mechanic assistance, test rides, and optional tours all take place before orientation on Tuesday.

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Domestic Flight from Eilat

We will book you on a domestic flight from Eilat to Tel Aviv or Ben Gurion airport. The cost of the flight is included in the Israel Ride. We can also book you on a bus to Jerusalem. Please fill out the logistics form so we can properly book your transportation.


Participants must carry personal health insurance to join the Israel Ride. From past experience, we know that US health insurance often does not cover medical expenses that are incurred overseas. Any medical costs incurred during the Ride will have to be paid by the participant. Because of this we recommend that every participant carry additional travelers insurance. For your convenience we have connected with World Insurance Association, Inc. You can enroll online at If you have any concerns, please contact Dwight Condrey, at 800-578-2111 ext. 2201 to discuss the best possible options for your needs.

Cell Phones and Internet

Riders are encouraged to rent Israeli cell phones. The Israel Ride is once again proud to partner with Amigo. Order a phone for the Israel Ride here.

While there is internet access each overnight, the hotels charge for usage. The most cost effective way to have unlimited internet access on the Ride is by renting a USB internet key for $6 per day.

Hotel & Accommodations Information

The day-by-day breakdown of the hotels and guest houses we will be staying in is as follows:

  1. Pre-Ride and Tuesday in Jerusalem – Ramat Rachel Hotel
  2. Wednesday – Holiday Inn Ashkelon
  3. Thursday – TBD
  4. Friday and Saturday (Shabbat) – Mitzpe Ramon TBD
  5. Sunday – Arava Valley TBD
  6. Monday and Post-Ride in Eilat – Princess Hotel Eilat


Rental Bikes

Participants are encouraged to bring their own bike to Israel, for a more familiar and comfortable ride. If you choose to rent a bike, you can rent either a hybrid or road bike. The hybrid bikes are FUJI brand, with a good climbing gear and upright handlebars, cost $200 to rent for the week. The road bikes are specialized or Trek and cost $325. There are a limited number of bikes, which will be rented out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please bring your own helmets.

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Guests on the Ride

Guests can join for each night of the Ride, for a nightly charge that includes dinner and breakfast. On Sunday night, when the riders are in the Arava Valley, the guests stay in Eilat due to limited space. Guests are also invited for a week-long touring program, called “chaverim” (Hebrew for “friends”).

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Hotel Reservations Before or After the Ride

You are welcome to come early to Israel or extend your stay after the Ride. You can book extra nights at the hotel in Jerusalem or extra nights in the hotel in Eilat.

Tuesday night is the first night of the Ride covered by your registration, at the Ramat Rachel Hotel, at the southern tip of Jerusalem. All riders will stay at Ramat Rachel on Tuesday, but you can book Monday night at the hotel if you like, using the logistics form.

The last night covered by the Ride is Monday, November 2nd. Feel free to stay in Eilat afterwards at the gorgeous Princess Hotel, by booking a room through the logistics form.
Read more about the pre- and post-Ride hotels.

Hotel Single Upgrades

You are welcome to upgrade your hotel stays to a single room for most nights of the Ride, for a charge each night of $75-100.

Upgrade to Single Rooms using the Logistics Form.

Pre-Ride Programs

There are two pre-Ride programs this year, both on Monday, October 26th: the JNF Carmel Tour and the Pardes Institute Day of Learning.

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Post-Ride Trips

We are offering two tours to visit Jordan. The one-day options visit Petra, while the two-day trip includes more time in Petra and the tour of Wadi Rum the following day. We have contracted with Desert Eco Tours to run these trips.

The Israel Ride plans to partner again with Encounter to experience what life is like in Bethlehem. Encounter encourages Jewish leaders to be agents of change in transforming the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
More info and links to book the tours on the Extended Stay Options Page.

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