About Hazon

The word hazon means vision. We work to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community, and a healthier and more sustainable world for all.

Founded in 2000, we’ve grown every year since, by pretty much all metrics. We are based in New York City and at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, in Falls Village, CT. We have staff in BoulderDenverPhiladelphiaSan Diego,  and San Francisco. We welcome participants of all religious backgrounds and none, and we work closely with a wide range of institutions and leaders across the Jewish world.

The Torah is a commentary on the world, and the world is a commentary on the Torah.
—This motto reflects our determination to apply Jewish thought to some of the greatest challenges of our time – and our belief that the act of doing so is good not only for the world, but also for the renewal of Jewish life itself.


We effect change in three ways:

  • Transformative Experiences: Immersive multi-day programs that directly touch people’s lives in powerful ways
  • Thought-Leadership: Changing the world through the power of new ideas and fresh thinking, including writing, teaching, curriculum-development and advocacy
  • Capacity-Building: Not just working with people as individuals, but explicitly supporting and networking great projects and partners in North America and Israel

Our programs directly touch lives in powerful ways.


Hazon’s Transformative Experiences are immersive-intensive-inclusive multi-day retreats, bike rides, holidays, adventures, workshops, conferences, festivals, and vacations. Transformative Experiences encourage people to make a difference in the world, and in the process enable them to renew and reframe their own Jewish journeys. Individuals, families, and communities make a journey to experience a Judaism that connects with their passions – and they return home transformed: refreshed, inspired, and with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility for a sustainable future in the Jewish community and beyond.


JOFEE (Jewish Outdoor, Food & Environmental Education)

JOFEE (Jewish Outdoor, Food & Environmental Education)

Immersive experiences that build broad-based community around the growing field of Jew

ish Outdoor, Food, and Environmental Education (JOFEE)

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Diverse participants make the pilgrimage to Isabella Freedman for eco-conscious and spiritually uplifting holiday celebrations

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Culture & Jewish Community

Culture & Jewish Community

Unique retreats that serve as portals for engagement to bring together the passions and needs of distinct communities with the larger work of Hazon

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2014 Highlights

  • Retreats at Isabella Freedman on all of the Jewish holidays, plus silent meditation retreats, Blues For Challah, LGBT programming and others. One special highlight in 2014 – our first-ever Purim Retreat, led by Roseanne Barr
  • Multi-day food programs, including the Hazon Food Conference and the Hazon Israel Sustainable Food Tour
  • Multi-day bike rides, including our New York, Golden Gate, and Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Rides
  • Teva Retreats for middle-schoolers
  • The 3-month Adamah program, for 20-somethings
  • Our Intentional Communities Conference

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Writing, speaking, teaching, and advocacy.

We provide thought-leadership to the Jewish community and beyond through our writing, speaking, teaching and advocacy. Our collection of curricula, source books, and other resources are an accessible doorway to explore the connections between Jewish tradition and contemporary issues. Anyone can benefit from these resources. They can be used by individuals, formal and informal educators, Rabbis, and lay leaders in synagogues, JCCs, day schools, camps, or just around the dinner table with family and friends.

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Thought-leadership is central to our work of creating a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community and healthier and more sustainable world for everyone, catalyzing the New Jewish Food Movement, and building intellectual bridges between Jewish tradition and key contemporary issues.

  • Jewish Outdoor, Food & Environmental Education (JOFEE): The JOFEE Report – out in ea
    rly 2014 – is intended to foster a conversation about how we strengthen Jewish life, and create a more sustainable world for all, by developing the JOFEE field in the next decade and beyond
  • Resources on Jews, Food & Contemporary Issues: curricula materials for adults and kids and JFEN: The Jewish Food Education Network
  • Our award-winning blog The Jew & the Carrot: an online conversation about Jews, food, and contemporary life
  • New resources on shmita – the sabbatical year in Jewish life
  • Weekly emails and speaking and teaching that we do throughout the year

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Supporting great people and projects in North America and Israel.

Capacity-building means seeking to effect change not just by impacting individuals as individuals, but also by seeking to strengthen organizations, create and develop networks and hubs, and foster leadership development. Capacity-building includes catalyzing and supporting the Jewish Food Movement. And increasingly, in the next few

years, it will mean for us field-building – seeking to develop the worlds of Jewish Food Education, Jewish Outdoor, Food & Environmental Education (JOFEE) in multiple ways.

Capacity-building includes

  • capacity buildingPublishing the JOFEE Report and developing a JOFEE Network – seeking to recruit, train, network, support, and help deploy a growing number of people who are interested in working in the JOFEE field, in multiple ways, as well as supporting and networking alumni of AdamahTevaUrban Adamah and other immersive JOFEE programs
  • Supporting rabbis, educators, Jewish leaders, and Jewish institutions around the country, especially in Boulder, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, and San Francisco.
  • Our local and regional staff work closely with a range of institutions and leaders to support and strengthen Jewish life, including by launching a series of one-day Jewish Food Festivals around the country, by growing the largest faith-based network of Community-Supported Agriculture projects in North America, and by utilizing our Food Guide and Audit Toolkit in Jewish institutions
  • Helping to strengthen Israel-diaspora working relationships in relation to shmita, intentional communities and sustainable food systems
  • Providing fiscal sponsorships to other organizations and overseeing Makom Hadash to help incubate, house, and network great young organizations in the Jewish world
  • Co-founding the Jewish Intentional Communities Conference, and seeking to support that emerging network
  • Helping to develop the Siach Network, and convening a series of gatherings bringing together leaders from the environmental and social justice worlds in Israel, Europe and North America
  • Raising money for other organizations, including over $2m we’ve helped to raise for the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, and $600,000 through the New York and Golden Gate Rides that have supported over 70 projects.

Hazon is one of the largest American funders of the Israeli environmental movement. Our outdoor events support some of the most vital work happening on environmental issues in Israel. The Israel Ride has raised over $1.5 million for the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. It also enables participants to learn first hand about some of the key issues Israel faces, and some of the ways that environmentalists are helping to create peace.

Additionally, Hazon fiscally sponsors a number of innovative and cutting edge Jewish environmental organizations, including Jewish Farm School and Wilderness Torah.

Hazon CSA is the first Jewish Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in North America and is currently the largest faith-based CSA program in the country. In 2010, more than 50 Hazon CSAs put over $1 million in Jewish family purchasing power behind local, sustainable farms. Hazon CSA sites include JCCs, synagogues, Jewish day schools, and Hillels – and we’d love to add your community to the list. Contact to apply.

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If you’re interested in talking to us about how we might work together in the future – and especially about how we might be of use in your community – please be in touch.