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Passover Resources 2013

Passover is the Jewish tradition’s “eat seasonal” poster child. The seder plate abounds with seasonal symbols: the roasted lamb bone celebrates lambs born in spring; karpas (dipped green vegetables) symbolizes the first green sprouts peaking out of the thawed ground; and a roasted egg recalls fertility and rebirth. Learn More.

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Rosh Hashanah Resources 2012

Rosh Hashanah offers the opportunity for tshuva (returning, repentance) – to return to our best, most full versions of ourselves. We ask “what impact do our actions have on our friends and family, our communities, and on the earth?”

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Farm visit 050210 037

The U.S Farm Bill is a complex bill

The U.S Farm Bill is a complex bill passed by the U.S. Congress every 5-7 years. The Farm Bill contains billions of dollars in funds for agricultural subsidies and farm relief programs, hunger relief and emergency food aid, environmental conservation programs, and many other government programs. It is the major source of U.S. agricultural policy; some have suggested that the Bill be called the Food Bill, because it impacts everything we eat. Learn more and sign the Jewish Petition for a Just Farm Bill.

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CSA - pick up, Denver CO


“Why CSA?” you ask… because it’s the best way to get high quality, locally grown vegetables while simultaneously helping a farmer (and his/her farm) directly. You benefit in the form of produce, and the farmer benefits in the form of a guaranteed market for his/her veggies. It’s a win/win situation! Learn more about Hazon CSA.

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