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We fully realize that re-imagining Shmita will only be possible if we do this together, as a web of connected individuals, communities, and organizations. To further the possibility of our reach and impact, the Shmita Project has created a shared, wide-spread network of collaboration and co-creation. Our intention is to use this network to engage one another in experiential education and implementation of designs that will enable us to step into a more powerful and personal relationship with the Shmita tradition. It has been literally thousands of years since the collective Jewish community has had the opportunity to experiment with the Shmita tradition in such a practical way, and to step such into personal and direct relationship with this profound tradition.

The Shmita Project network is open to all, whether you’re a Jewish non-profit organization, a Jewish educator, a Rabbi, a community leader, or an individual embracing Shmita in your own personal life. Shmita Project Network partners play a vital role in mobilizing local communities, by raising awareness around the Shmita tradition and furthering the conversation of what it might mean for us today. As a partner, you will be in direct connection with a diverse community of individuals with shared goals and interests. The Shmita Project will provide you with resources and direct support, as needed, as well as offer a platform for you to share your events and teachings with the wider community. Please email shmitaproject@hazon.org with any questions or ideas, and let us know how we can support you.

In advance, thank you! It is an honor to have you join us in partnership in this powerful journey. In developing our community network, here are some ideas we are asking our partners to consider:


  • Organize a chavruta (partner) or community study group to learn more about Shmita, both from traditional and contemporary perspectives. Use our educational library to support your learnings.
  • Facilitate teachings about Shmita in your synagogue, community center, farm, etc, in the years leading up to, and during the Shmita year.
  • Organize a series of trainings for your local community, which we can help you create, coordinate, and deliver.


  • Embrace the values and ethics integral to the paradigm of the Shmita Cycle when developing plans and goals for your home, community and/or organization.
  • Encourage local, long-term resiliency in food production/distribution methods, local economic structures, and community empowerment.
  • Create local organizing initiatives rooted in the Shmita vision of collective, community resiliency.
  • Determine one or more ways in which you or your community will celebrate the Shmita year, in a way that is substantially different from practices during the other 6 years of the Shmita Cycle.


  • Stay connected to the Shmita Project network by sharing photos, articles, blog posts, resources, etc.
  • Let us know what you might be organizing and when, so we can link such events on this website.
  • Help us spread the momentum: Please share the invitation to join the Shmita Project network with friends, neighbors, and community members.

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