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What is the Hazon Seal of Sustainability?

September 2019, The New York Jewish Week, 6 (baby) steps to a more sustainable lifestyle

“[The Hazon Seal of Sustainability] helps Jewish institutions become more sustainable by offering them a personalized roadmap and a wealth of resources to introduce more sustainable practices. … Hazon customizes their approach to the specific needs of the community. It’s a great place to start: they have all the wealth of knowledge and have worked with over 60 communities already so know the territory.

…Let’s hold our institutions more accountable. If anything they should be serving as an example for us. Maybe encourage your synagogue board to get the Hazon seal or to adopt some of the other suggestions above, it’s a great place to start.

—'6 (baby) steps to a more sustainable lifestyle', September 2019

August 2019, The New York Jewish Week, Fighting Food Waste, Discovering Community

“…the sustainability seal does not have uniform benchmarks specifically to make it more accessible and easier for communities to join. “A community in Woodstock might have solar panels and want to learn more about what they can do, and a community somewhere else might still be using excessive styrofoam. It’s about meeting the community where they are at and dealing with the low hanging fruit first, and then building up from that,” Merav Cohen, manager of the Hazon Seal of Sustainability program, said during a panel.
—'Fighting Food Waste, Discovering Community', August 2019

October 2017, Yale Climate Connections, This organization helps the Jewish community address climate change

“Some decide to focus on sustainable food by buying local organic produce, while others take on more big-budget projects like installing solar panels. One community center even built an outdoor classroom to get kids in touch with nature.
—'This organization helps the Jewish community address climate change', October 2017

September 2017, The Jewish Week, Hazon Food Conference Focuses on Farm-to-Synagogue Greening

New Hazon Seal sites in the Media!

December 2019, Marin Independent Journal, West Marin Jews call for environmental vigilance

December 2019, Hudson Valley One, Jewish Congregation earns Seal of Sustainability

December 2019, The Jewish Advocate, Regional groups join sustainability initiative

December 2019, The Chicago Jewish Home, Five Chicago Organizations Are Among 21 To Join Hazon Seal Of Sustainability

Hazon Seal Site Projects:

February 2019, Boulder Jewish News, Feed your Soul and Celebrate the Planet

January 2019, The Jewish News, Bite by Bite

February 2018, Detroit Jewish News, Minding the Environment – Hazon Inspires Environmental Change

May 2017, Hillel News, “Going Green,”

“‘Joining the Hazon Seal has given us the opportunity to think more critically about our actions and work toward making Oregon Hillel more environmentally conscious. I also see this opportunity as a great way to bring outside student interest to Hillel.
—'Hillel International: Going Green', May 2017

June 2017, Detroit Jewish News, Shaarey Zedek, B’nai Moshe and Hazon partner to provide organic produce

May 2017, Jewish Louisville Hazon Seal, Louisville Grows grant to be parts of J’s enhanced sustainability

May 2017, Boulder Jewish News, Congregation Bonai Shalom Awarded 2016 Hazon Seal of Sustainability

April 2017, West Hartford News, Emanuel Synagogue Green Team launches new sustainability initiatives

Jewish Greening Fellowship Projects:

May 2015, JCCA, It’s Not Easy Being Green

April 2015, Times of Israel, NY Jewish Initiative Gives Back to the Land, Not the Landfill 

February 2014, The Jewish Week, Green Growth Going Mainstream

March 2014, Switchboard, NY-Sun Helps Reduce Solar Prices By Supporting Collective Purchasing In New York

August 2013, Forward Blog, Less Waste at Solomon Schechter Westchester 

February 2013, The Forward Blog, Start with the Silverware: The Jewish Greening Fellowship 

September 2012, The Jewish Week, Greener Day for Jewish Community

November 2011, SI Live, Solar Energy Initiatives at Staten Island JCC Projected to Save $4,000 a Year and Cut Carbon Emissions

Activism and Advocacy:

September 2014, The Forward, Jewish Groups Warm to Climate Change Battle

September 2014, Jewish Exponent, Activists Prepare for Climate March

September 2014, The Jewish Week, Jewish Flavor at Climate March

September 2014, JPRwire, Jews to Blow the Shofar in People’s Climate March NYC on September 21 



Hazon Seal Of Sustainability In Action

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