The Hazon Seal of Sustainability creates remarkable impact in communities around the country. This program is significantly underwritten by the Hazon general operating budget in order to support the long-term growth of our Jewish communities working to create a healthier, more sustainable, more equitable world. If you are able, please consider a gift to support this important program.

” I was tremendously surprised by how our organization was able to find new people who had felt left out in other Jewish spaces because of their sustainable ideals. And also I was surprised by the extent to which Jewish ideals really align with sustainability. ” – Hazon Seal Site 2018

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“For me personally, I am incredibly proud of being part of an organization that puts so much emphasis on sustainability. We teach it in a practical and relatable way. I love having the Seal certificate up as a talisman of what we stand for and something to visibly point out to staff, campers, and guests. While there is always room for growth this is an amazing program and partnership. As well as encouraging us to expand in our thinking of sustainability it also provides solace in knowing that there are other organizations working towards the same goals.” – Hazon Seal Site 2019