Timeline & Process

Step 1: Apply & Register

Apply Here!

Once approved into the program, complete your registration:

      • Submit a signed letter of agreement and a board resolution indicating your organization’s commitment to the program and the boards support. This step is very important to your success!
      • Pay a sliding scale participation fee to Hazon to offset program cost, depending on your organization’s annual budget (see under FAQs).

Step 2: Get Started

      • Build/strengthen your green team. We will walk you through this first step towards real institutional/congregational change.
      • Publicize your participation in the Seal through leadership announcements, website updates, newsletter articles, social media, etc.

Step 3: Benchmark and Set Goals

      • Take one or more of our three online audits (food, facilities, or ecosystems) based on your organization’s needs and goals. The audit is user friendly and will help you benchmark your current performance, highlight your stronger and weaker areas as an institution/community, and provide ideas and inspiration for new sustainability projects.
      • Participate in at least two phone calls with Hazon staff to review progress and receive support. The first call will take place after you complete your audit to review your results and set your goals/projects for the year.

Step 4: Implement Substantive Sustainability Projects

The green team, in conjunction with institutional leaders, commits to execute substantive sustainability projects that have a long lasting impact and facilitate institutional change. To support your efforts you will –

      • Participate in Hazon Seal Training Webinars to learn about a variety of sustainability topics, get tangible tools to implement in your community, and connect with other Hazon Seal institutions that do similar work.
      • Have your second consulting call with Hazon seal staff to receive experienced advice, support, and additional resources.
      • Track and document your progress by collecting visual and measurable information on project impact, both environmentally and in terms of community engagement.

Step 5: Report, Celebrate, and Repeat!

At the end of the year you will –

      • Submit an End-of-Year report. This will allow us to see the progress you have made and confirm that you have successfully reached your goals.
      • Tell your story by putting together 1-2 blog posts for publication on the Hazon website. This will help us celebrate your hard work and inspire others!
      • Celebrate your success using the Hazon Seal of Sustainability certification both within and outside your community!
      • Renew your commitment to sustainability by setting even higher goals for the following year.