Hazon Seal of Sustainability

Established in 2016, the Hazon Seal of Sustainability worked with individual sites to support their sustainability goals. In the next stage of this program, the Hazon Seal focuses on building regional communities through environmental action. We do this by supporting geographic cohorts of Jewish organizations to take substantive and collective action towards environmental sustainability, grounded in Jewish values and teachings.  

Through the Hazon Seal, participating regions have access to:

  • A coordinator with localized knowledge in sustainability and community-building;
  • Hazon and the JOFEE network’s 20+ years experience delivering Jewish environmental programming;
  • Technical expertise through the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition;
  • Youth leadership and engagement with the Jewish Youth Climate Movement;
  • A community of like-minded peers. 

Each cohort is unique, and is tailored to meet the needs of your stakeholders. We find the Seal to be an excellent complement to other Hazon initiatives your community might be participating in, such as the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition or the Jewish Youth Climate Movement.

Organizations participating in your cohort receive the Hazon Seal of Sustainability by committing to and taking substantial action on 2-3 projects focused on greening initiatives or sustainability projects during the program’s duration, which is typically 12 months. 

We encourage individual Jewish community organizations that are interested in taking on sustainability work to join the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition and/or start a Jewish Youth Climate Movement kvutzah at their institution. Sites currently participating in the Hazon Seal can still find all of our resources on the Seal Portal.

If you are interested in starting a regional Seal of Sustainability Cohort, reach out to us at seal@hazon.org.