What is the Hazon Seal?


A roadmap for Jewish institutions to become healthier and more sustainable through education, action, and advocacy.

The Hazon Seal of Sustainability is an annual program that provides guidance and support to advance sustainability related education, action, and advocacy in your Jewish institution, organization, and community. Rooted in Jewish tradition, participation in the Hazon Seal program will, over time, make your community healthier and more sustainable, both Jewishly and environmentally!


What do you need to do to get awarded the Hazon Seal of Sustainability?

There’s no particular bar you have to meet. Rather, you (as a community, congregation or organization) are committing to making significant and long lasting improvements on an annual basis. Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, you are expected to be better tomorrow than you are today. You do this by completing sustainability projects.

How many projects? What kind? In our online Audit you will find lists of suggested activities, project by topic. Each suggested activity/project is marked with a number of points. The points indicate if the task is small or big, i.e. an easy or a heavy lift in terms of time and/or cost. To be awarded the Hazon Seal of Sustainability you must commit and mostly complete sustainability projects that amount to 5 points or more.


What will you receive?

  • A roadmap to healthier food, less waste, meaningful JOFEE education, a lower carbon footprint, and more. Our carefully designed and structured framework will help you get things done!
  • Access to a rich resource bank for knowledge and ideas
  • An opportunity to connect with a network of Jewish and other faith-based organizations committed to sustainability and learning with and from one another
  • An annual certification to celebrate success and leadership in the field of sustainability
  • channel to ignite and engage your community!


Why join the Hazon Seal?

  • We are in an environmental crisis and Jewish tradition compels us to respond! Be at the forefront of a movement in the Jewish community and beyond that works to build a healthier and more sustainable world
  • Excite existing community members and bring new members in the door
  • Save money through increasing efficiency and attract new donors for sustainability work
  • Improve your organization’s brand through publicity, awards, and recognition


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