Local, National, & Global

Hazon works on a local, national, and global scale.

Our main office is based in New York City, which is home to our administrative staff and our national program departments.


We work directly with over 100 Jewish community groups through formal partnerships such as the JOFEE Fellowship (yellow on the map above), the Hazon Seal of Sustainability (green), the JOFEE Leaders Institute, Hakhel (blue), Teva, and through retreats at Isabella Freedman. Our partnerships with Jewish community groups build lasting change by helping institutions improve their sustainability footprint and bringing grass-roots JOFEE experiences to communities across the country.

The Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center serves as a home of Hazon in the Connecticut Berkshires. Over 6,000 people visit each year to participate in a Hazon retreat, an organizational retreat, a family celebration, a Teva education program, or as part of the Adamah Farming Fellowship.


We currently have offices in New York, Detroit, Boulder, and Denver. Regional staff work with local partners to help green Jewish institutions, create environmentally themed programs such as the Jewish Food Festivals of Michigan and Colorado, build awareness of Jewish environmental themes and learning, and cultivate future leadership.

We formerly had staffed regions in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, and Philadelphia. We still have strong partners and lay leaders in all three regions and Philadelphia maintains a volunteer advisory board.


In Israel, we have two staff who manage our Jewish Intentional Community program (Hakhel), aimed at strengthening emerging intentional communities in the diaspora Jewish community and to connect them to intentional communities in Israel. Many of these communities are in Europe and elsewhere around the world (drag the map above to see them). The annual Israel Ride brings over 200 people to Israel in partnership with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies as do our smaller Sustainable Israel Tours.