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Kosher Higher-Welfare Poultry & Beef

Finding the most humanely raised and slaughtered kosher meat can be a daunting task – but, as consumers we have the opportunity to support the farmers who are at the forefront of upholding higher standards of animal welfare in production. A simple rule for buying the highest welfare meat available is to buy welfare-certified products, heritage poultry, and domestically raised 100% grass-fed beef. All of these products represent meat which is totally or near totally removed from factory farming.

Most of the other products listed below have certain welfare advantages but these advantages may be outweighed by low welfare practices inherent to those supply chains, such as: unhealthy genetics that cause lameness and poor growth, grain feeding, confinement on feedlots, or shackling and hoisting of mammals during slaughter.

We encourage you to also look here to find out more about assessing welfare of the animal products you consume.


United States

KOL Foods

  • Hechsher: Star K (other hechshers on select products) more info here
  • Recommended Products – AT & OT Beef, Heritage Chicken
  • Other available products –  GR Beef, chicken, turkey and duck, lamb
  • Distribution: Next-day nationwide shipping plus buying clubs in cities nationwide
  • Contact: info@kolfoods.com 1-888-366-3565

Grow & Behold Foods

  • Hechsher: Star K and OU More info here
  • Recommended Products – Heritage Chicken
  • Other available products – Beef, Duck, Lamb, Veal, Chicken, Turkey
  • Distribution: Next-day nationwide shipping, home delivery in the NY/NJ area plus buying clubs in cities nationwide
  • Contact: info@growandbehold.com 1-888-790-5781

Robariah Farms

  • Hechsher: Currently processing their birds at an OU facility
  • Products: Slower growing pastured chicken, pastured chicken, turkey, duck eggs
  • Distribution: Year-round pick-up and buying clubs in New England.
  • Contact: Info@Robariah.com


Better Best
Chicken N/A
  • Grow and Behold Heritage Chicken
  • KOL Foods Heritage Chicken.
Beef Grow and Behold “Pastured” Beef
  • KOL foods 100% Grassfed AT and OT Lines
  • Tiferet Beef 100% Grassfed (Canada)


Tiferet Organic sells 100% grass-fed beef.


Hai Bari certified products are the highest available welfare animal products in Israel. Some small farms in Israel may offer heritage breed poultry and 100% grassfed beef or lamb, though this is exceedingly rare and not at this time available from a Hai Bari certificated brand.

Questions? Want to continue the conversation? Contact foodeducation@hazon.org.

Kosher Beef and Poultry Alternatives

Do you want to promote the highest form of animal welfare? Are you interested in trying some meat alternatives? Here is some kosher inspiration to get you started:

For some more veggie inspiration, here are The Forward’s recipes and articles on vegetarianism.

Below are companies that offer delicious and kosher meat alternatives:

Tofurky (vegan)

80% our products are certified KSA. The list below provides exceptions to our largely Kosher family.

The following Tofurky products are NOT certified Kosher:

  1. Gravy (that accompanies our Roasts)
  2. Burgers
  3. Pizzas
  4. Pockets

Beyond Meat (vegan)

While our products have been Star-K Kosher certified in the past, we recently added a new production location and have yet to regain our Kosher certification. We are working on this and hope to be certified again in the not too distant future.

Primal Spirit Foods (vegan & kosher)

Lightlife (offers both vegan and vegetarian products & all refrigerated products are kosher)

Gardein (vegan)

All gardein frozen retail products made after July 1, 2013 are certified kosher (by BC Kosher – a division of the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of BC Canada) with the exception of our chick’n sliders, beefless sliders, and black bean sliders.

Yves Veggie Cuisine (offers both vegan and vegetarian products)

Most Yves Veggie Cuisine® products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. This certification is indicated on the packaging. The Orthodox Union approves every aspect of our products including raw materials and processing standards.

Learn more about kosher sustainable meat at the Hazon Food Conference