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Higher-Welfare Mini Grants

Does your Jewish institution serve eggs or chicken? Most conventional animal products come from animals raised in inhumane conditions on factory farms, violating the Jewish value of tzaar baalei chayim, prevention of cruelty to animals.

Your synagogue, JCC, Hillel, school, camp, or social service agency can make a difference by committing to buy higher-welfare eggs and poultry, becoming part of a movement to improve the lives of farmers, farmworkers, and animals worldwide.

 The industry is on the verge of major change  — but we need your help. We’re asking Jewish organizations to take the commitment and commit to buying higher-welfare eggs and poultry at their organizations.

Mini-grants are available to offset the cost of purchasing higher-welfare animal products. Mini grants are available on a rolling basis starting June 21, 2017.

Grants range from $250 – $900 depending on the size of the institution and the products that you purchase. In addition to mini-grants, recipients are eligible to receive individualized support and resources to implement a switch to higher-welfare products.

Want to switch to higher-welfare products, but don’t know where to start? Experts at the Jewish Initiative for Animals are available for one-on-one consulting to create a plan for your organization to start buying higher-welfare.

Questions? Contact foodeducation@hazon.org.


commit to higher welfare eggs! apply for a mini-grant

Application Instructions:

Be prepared with this information when you fill out the application:

If applying for a grant to offset the cost of  higher-welfare eggs:

  • how many eggs you currently use per month
  • how much they cost per dozen

If applying for a grant to offset the cost of  higher-welfare poultry:

  • how many pounds of poultry you currently use per month
  • how much your poultry costs per pound
  • How much more you expect to have to spend on higher-welfare poultry 
    • Click here for more information about the cost of higher-welfare Kosher poultry

Who is eligible to apply?

Mini- grants are available for Jewish institutions interested in switching to purchasing higher – welfare eggs and poultry. Any Jewish institution (synagogue, JCC, school, social service agency, camp, etc) striving to serve higher-welfare eggs or higher-welfare chicken can apply. 

What are the grant requirements?

  • Commit to serving higher-welfare eggs and/or poultry on a regular basis: The grants are intended to offset the increased cost of switching to higher welfare eggs and poultry for organizations seeking to switch to serving more or serving exclusively higher welfare animal products. Examples include:
    • Organizations implementing a policy to serve only higher-welfare eggs or poultry
    • Organizations implementing a policy to serve higher-welfare eggs or poultry on a regular basis (ie, one dish per meal served will contain higher-welfare eggs or poultry; one meal a month will contain higher welfare eggs or poultry)
    • Organizations hosting an ongoing educational program that features higher-welfare eggs or poultry
  • Celebrate the change: By committing to higher-welfare eggs and poultry, your organization is becoming a national leader in animal welfare. Celebrate your commitment! Let your community know that you’re committing to buying  higher-welfare eggs and poultry:
    • Create and post signs about your sourcing practices that are displayed whenever eggs or poultry are served.
    • Post an article in your newsletter, on your website, or on your social media account about your commitment to higher welfare.
    • Send Hazon staff pictures of your signs, e-mails, and stories celebrating your switch to higher-welfare animal products. We’ll post on our social media and tag you!

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These grants were made possible with the generous support of Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies.