Elat Chayyim

Renewing Jewish Spiritual Practices for Sustainable Futures

Elat Chayyim renews Jewish spiritual practices that form the foundation for sustainable futures in the Jewish community and beyond.

Through retreats and training programs, we offer experiential approaches to renewed Jewish practice.

Hazon’s vision for a healthier and more sustainable community in the Jewish world and beyond requires engagement with spiritual practices such as prayer, text study, yoga, meditation, social action, and deep ecumenism. Elat Chayyim exists to strengthen that connection between sustainability and spiritual practice, and to help make our shared vision possible.

This program opened my mind to what healthy, vibrant, connected, spiritual Jewish community can look like. It made me hopeful about my own life, spiritually and otherwise.
—Elat Chayyim retreat participant

Elat Chayyim:

  • Emphasizes the link between Jewish spirituality and a sustainable future for the Jewish world and beyond.
  • Promotes the value of spiritual retreats as an essential building block towards a vibrant and engaged Judaism.
  • Engages body, heart, mind, and soul through transformative experiences within a diverse community.
  • Functions as a research and development branch of a renewed Judaism, prioritizing creativity and innovative perspectives.
  • Collaborates with creative leadership and builds new partnerships to explore the possibilities of Jewish spiritual practice.
  • Encourages meaningful spiritual innovations to become new traditions, and old traditions to become more relevant.
  • Models “Allstream” Judaism’s vision of an inclusive and pluralistic community in the context of a variety of unique events, each with its own particular flavors of spiritual practice.