Scholarships / Financial Aid

I am filled with gratitude and illumination from my time at Isabella Freedman. I am not sure where the scholarship money came from that allowed me to attend the retreat, but I hope you can share this whomever made it possible.
—Sarah Tasman, Summer 2013

We strive to make our programs affordable to everyone, so we offer scholarships and financial aid for various programs.

Hazon is committed to making our Transformative Experiences financially accessible to as many people as possible. We believe that participation in these kinds of events are a core feature of a healthy and sustainable Jewish community in the 21st century. Please note that in our efforts to provide access to our events, we must balance our ability to meet individual requests with our ability to spread our resources among as many participants as possible. You can help support us in this endeavor by considering your request carefully.
Financial aid is given on a per-retreat basis. Please submit your financial aid application prior to registering. Links for financial aid applications can be found on the registration tab for each program.
We will respond to requests for financial aid within seven business days of receipt of the application. Please wait for a response before registering. If you receive an offer for financial aid, you will have one week to register for the retreat at the discounted rate, after which time the offer will expire. In order to utilize your financial aid, you must register after it is awarded; it cannot be applied retroactively. An offer of financial aid does not guarantee room availability at the time of registration. Due to high demand, we are unable to put rooms on hold; please apply early. We could not fulfill this core aspect of our mission without your support. To help make our generous financial aid policy possible, please make a donation now. If you have any questions regarding scholarships or financial aid, please contact the Registrar -