Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition

The Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition is a coalition of Jewish community organizations who recognize the existential threat and moral urgency of climate change and commit to taking action.

“And who knows, you may have been chosen for just such a time as this.”

Esther 4:14


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What is the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition?

The Coalition is a network of Jewish community organizations who develop Climate Action Plans, which outline the strategic priorities of an organization’s climate work. Climate Action Plans detail climate actions taken to-date, and set goals for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the coming year.

As a member of the Coalition, you commit to the following:

  • Have your organization’s chief executive or rabbi sign the Coalition Founding Statement;
  • Designate a staff liaison to coordinate your climate action work;
  • Develop, implement, evaluate, and share your organizational Climate Action Plan annually.

To support Coalition members in this work, Hazon provides the following:

  • Resource guides, templates, and webinars on a multitude of climate solutions;
  • Coordinated networking and resource-sharing through Communities of Practice;
  • Hazon staff support through one-on-one consultation and staff office hours;
  • Promotion of Coalition members’ climate action goals and achievements;
  • Financial support in the form of interest-free loans and matching grants through Hazon’s Climate Action Fund.

Jewish organizations everywhere are invited to join the Coalition. There is no cost to membership.


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Taking Action Together

Twenty major umbrella Jewish organizations have joined the Coalition as founding partners, demonstrating broad consensus that the Jewish community is ready and capable of taking collective climate action. These organizations are working to mobilize and support their networks in taking meaningful action around climate.

While the Jewish community is small, our climate impact is significant. If the North American Jewish community were a country, our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions would be larger than the emissions of 162 countries.1

The potential power of our community’s collective action is immense. By working together, the impacts of individual organizations will be amplified, rippling throughout networks, neighborhoods, and beyond.

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1 Calculations based on Hazon research using the per capita carbon emissions of an average American, Canadian and Mexican, estimates for total number of Jews living in America and Canada and Mexico, and listing of carbon emissions by country. The North American Jewish community’s annual carbon footprint is 114.9 million metric tons of CO2.