Envisioning Sabbatical Culture

cover7Seeds is excited to share with you its first publication, Envisioning Sabbatical Culture: A Shmita Manifesto.

“These are potent times of transition, from perceived scarcity to revealed abundance, from the age of the individual to the age of the communal. The invitation is wide open for us all to reimagine the story of Self, the story of Community. In this momentum of growth, there is a stirring and rising of the ancient memories planted deep inside us from the wisdom and tales of our early ancestors. In this timeless story, there is a code which lays out the vision for a sacred community that is grounded in abundance, equality, generosity, love, and the ability to have trust in the unknown. This code is held within the Shmita cycle.”
– Yigal Deutscher

Through 60 pages of poetic visioning and illustrations, Yigal Deutscher, co-founder of the Shmita Project, weaves language and art into a Shmita dreamscape, exploring foundational questions:

What is the deeper mythic symbolism of Shmita?
What is the hidden invitation that Shmita offers us today, for our food, economic, and social systems?
How can we begin designing to renew and reimagine Sabbatical Culture for our own communities?

This booklet is a narrative of awakening, remembering, reclamation, and celebration; a blueprint for a more sacred, resilient, and holistic future. Included within is a collection of micro-essays and graphics inspired by the weaving together of Shmita, Jewish Mythology, and the tools of Permaculture Design.

This is a manifesto, more than a book; a deep-dive into the questions above. Answers can be found within, but really, this is just a beginning, a taste to get us curious, excited, and hungry for more dancing with the Shmita paradigm.