The Shmita Project: An Exploration of the Biblical Sabbatical Tradition in the Modern World

Jun 13, 2022 - Aug 10, 2022

Sabes Center Minneapolis & Capp Center St. Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The current Hebrew year, 5782, is a shmita year. Shmita means “release” in Hebrew and refers to the seventh year in a seven-year cycle (like the seven-day cycle culminating in Shabbat). According to the Torah, during the seventh year, God commands us to let the land rest, release debts, resolve disputes, and to open our hands and hearts to those in need. The Shmita Project, a project of Hazon, asks us to consider: how do we bring this tradition alive in an era when we no longer rely on the rhythms and harvest of our  fields to survive?

Featuring submissions to Hazon’s Shmita Project, this multimedia exhibit showcases artwork from all over the country with related programming that will engage the community with the art and provide opportunities to gain their own personal insights about shmita.

This exhibit will be open, for in-person visits, from now – August 10, 2022 at the Sabes Center Minneapolis & Capp Center St. Paul. 

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