#soundthecall this Earth Day

Apr 22, 2020 - All Day

On the 50th Earth Day, we look beyond our present crisis – we call the Jewish Community to act!

We ask you – share a video of yourself sounding a shofar (or other instrument) and stand up for the well being of planet Earth. Then this Earth Day, April 22nd, though we are physically distant, we will join virtually blowing shofar, singing songs, and raising our voices in a call to action!

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You! And as many people on planet Earth as we can get to join us – this is a call that starts within the Jewish community, but spreads far and wide. (Resources to get your synagogue or community organization on board here)


1. Post a video online now.

Instructions for posting videos (3 Easy Steps)

  1. Take a video of yourself blowing one long shofar blast (10 seconds or less)
  2. Create a social media post by writing your own blurb or select one of the two following examples. Remember: Tag Hazon, tag your local Jewish or service institution, and be sure to use the hashtag #soundthecall.
    • “I am blowing the shofar as a call of solidarity during these difficult times, and to raise a banner of hope and change for the world. I am also blowing this shofar in honor of the jubilee/50th anniversary of Earth Day as a call for freedom for the environment. I nominate “X,” “X,” and “X” to #SoundTheCall”
    • “I am blowing the shofar in honor of the jubilee/50th anniversary of Earth Day as a call for freedom for the environment. I am blowing the shofar to take a stance against the injustice committed against planet Earth. I nominate “X,” “X,” and “X” to #SoundTheCall”
  3. Our work doesn’t stop because of COVID-19. As a persistent voice of Environmental Teshuva, we continue to catalyze our people to help save the planet, and offer COVID-19 relief wherever possible.
    Consider a gift to Hazon as we ensure there is a platform for Jewish learning, during and beyond this pandemic, which highlights our Jewish responsibility to respond to the climate crisis.

2. Join us on Zoom, live, April 22

This is a call to action – a call to change our behaviors, to think more equitably, to live more sustainably, to act more compassionately, to share the bounty of our planet with all who inhabit it, and to protect our Earth from those who mean to do it harm. 

This is a moment of hope – a spark to ignite the world!  


On April 22, at 12pm ET, and in the days leading up to it online


Online – your social media and Zoom (RSVP for April 22 Zoom link)


The shofar signifies a moment of change, a new wave of hope, a call to action, strength in the face of adversity. The shofar announces that living more sustainably on this planet is central to our Jewish life, not incidental to it. 

We Sound the Call  because:

  • a ram’s horn is a reminder that everything we have comes from this earth;
  • a shofar is a reminder of the ancient wisdom of Jewish tradition – and the world needs ancient wisdom, right now;
  • earth day is a celebration of planet earth
  • we blow a shofar at a time of alarm – and this is a time of great alarm;
  • the ram’s horn calls us to teshuvah, to repentance. And we all, indeed, need to use this earth day as a spring board to changing how we live.

We Sound the Call for:

  • global commitments to public health;
  • global commitments to living more sustainably;
  • helping those in need – personally, institutionally and governmentally;
  • kindness and honest and striving to be our best selves;
  • a sense of hope for the future

Read more about why we are doing this from Hazon President & CEO Nigel Savage.

*There are several shofar mobile apps, including this one from Moishe House. We encourage you to get creative as you sound the call!

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