Adamah At Home Classes

Oct 5, 2020 - Oct 25, 2020

Through this moment of great transformation, Adamah at Home will be a place to gather, process, build skills, engage in ritual, and promote resilience and regeneration. Staff will support students in getting their hands dirty – growing food on balconies or in backyards, preparing and preserving food in the kitchen, and exploring their local food system.  Register by October 3rd to join our October 5th-25th cohort!

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The following Adamah at Home learning sessions will be open to the public:

  • Lactofermentation w/Carly: Wednesday, 10/7, 8-9PM EDT

    Learn to preserve the harvest with Adamah Farm!  Lacto-fermentation, the oldest form of food preservation, uses water and salt to turn cucumbers and cabbage into sour dills and sauerkraut!  This family-friendly, online class explores the science and culture of lacto-fermentation through a Jewish lens, just in time for Sukkot.  Follow along with the pickling demonstration at home, and make your own!  

    – pint or quart sized glass jars with lids, (clean, but don’t have to be sterilized.  Any lid will do!)
    – non-iodized salt, (Kosher, pickling salt, sea salt, mineral salt, etc.  Any grain size.)
    – Fresh vegetables you want to pickle– young cucumbers for dills, cabbage for sauerkraut, beets/turnips/radishes/carrots
    – (Optional:) garlic, dill and other fresh herbs, pickling spices, hot peppers
    – Water
    – A big chunk of vegetable, Ziptop plastic bag or fermentation weight, large mixing bowl, knife, cutting board


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  • Working with Perennial Plants with Shamu Sadeh: Monday, 10/12, 5-6PM EDT
    Is the promise of sweat-free abundance offered in the garden of Eden story possible? Learn how to grow (relatively) low maintenance perennials plants such as: blueberries, raspberries, currants, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pawpaws, horseradish, sorrel, chives. and more. What lessons does permaculture design hold for the home gardener?

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  • Food Choices and Climate Change with Janna Siller: Monday, 10/19, 5-6:30PM EDT
    The climate crisis is frightening and huge- not an easy subject to talk about. We’ll lean on the wisdom of our tradition and the warm and open space we’ve created with one another to face this pressing issue together.

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