B’naiture – Wilderness Torah’s B’nai Mitzvah Mentorship Program – Starts Fall, 2011

Make your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah the adventure of a lifetime with Wilderness Torah’s B’nai Mitzvah Nature Mentorship!

B’naiture takes your child on a journey through nature to experience the transition from childhood into adolescence.

Through immersion camping trips and bi-monthly gatherings, B’naiture weaves nature skills, personal challenge, and non-parental mentorship together with Jewish teachings and story to craft an empowering coming-of-age process. Separate male and female cohorts honor the unique journeys they take at this time. A parallel parent group explores how to best support your children at this critical time. B’naiture supplements traditional B’nai Mitzvah education or serves the independent family journey.

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Join Wilderness Torah for an introductory evening to learn about B’Naiture

Meet The Mentors
Wednesday July, 20th, 7pm
Jewish Community Center of the East Bay


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