2009 New York Ride Grantees

The 2009 New York Ride raised nearly $280,000, which was disbursed to 10 different organizations in the United States and in Israel.

Total Money Raised by 2009 New York Ride $279,790
25% allocated to Ride Costs $69,948
Total proceeds for Ride beneficiaries $209,842
77% of proceeds to Hazon’s projects $161,342
23% of proceeds to external Ride beneficiaries $48,500

Hazon Projects
Food Conference
Held in December 2009, with 630 participants
Hazon Community-Supported Agriculture Project
to fund the expansion to 40 sites in 2010
Jewish Food Education Network
to fund the expansion of our Day School curriculum
Bay Area Programming
to expand Hazon’s California presence, including the launching of a 2010 California Ride
UWS Bicycle Advocacy $5,000
Educational Materials $5,000
Leadership Development $5,000
General Hazon Support $50,000

Major Partners
Isabella Freedman / Adamah Fellowship
The mission of Isabella Freedman is to cultivate spirsitually vibrant, socially progressive and environmentally conscious Jewish community. ADAMAH, a 3 or 6 month farming and Jewish learning fellowship program for 20somethings, is the spark that makes this happens.
Teva Learning Center
The Teva Learning Center is the foremost Jewish environmental education institute. Teva educators work with Jewish Day Schools, Congregational Schools, synagogues, camps, and youth groups, touching the lives of 3,000 participants annually.
Jewish Farm School
The Jewish Farm School strives to practice and promote sustainable agriculture and to support food systems rooted in justice and Jewish traditions. Among their programs, JFS send educators to synagogues and other institutions, and runs Alternative Spring Break missions in partnership with Hillel.

Smaller Grants
Arava Institute
The Arava Institute is the premier environmental teaching and research program in the Middle East, preparing future Arab and Jewish leaders to cooperatively solve the region’s environmental challenges and to create a sustainable future for the region’s human and natural resources. This grant will support scholarships for Palestinian and Jordanian students.
Kibbutz Lotan to support the Green Apprenticeship, to give young professionals a sustainable toolbox to work the earth to supply healthy food, build communities and buildings, and play an active and Jewish leadership role in transforming our relationships with our social and natural environments. $1000
Green Zionist Alliance to grow the influence of GZA in the US and worldwide through outreach and voter registration for the 36th World Zionist Congress elections. $1000
Table to Table (Leket Israel) for the Food for Refugees Project, which is collecting surplus food near Tel Aviv to provide 1300 pounds of food weekly to 200 Darfur refugees living in Israel. $1550
Maryland Hillel for general support of Am Ha’aretz, a new Jewish environmental student group, whose first project was the establishment of a sustainable organic garden on the Maryland Hillel grounds. $1000
Kehilla Community Synagogue to purchase and install an outdoor bicycle rack so as to encourage our members, visitors and staff to bike to the synagogue. $650

Other Grants
Jewish Climate Change Campaign Campus Grants $2800
Jewish Climate Change Bus Tour $1500
Making the Ride Carbon Neutral $500