2005 New York Ride Grantees

Total raised by the 2005 NY Ride including Katrina Appeal $207,709
Katrina Appeal $1,945
Total amount raised excluding Katrina Appeal $205,764
Applied toward the cost of the Ride (20%) $41,153
Net proceeds of 2005 NY Ride supporting educational projects $164,611
Add Katrina Appeal $1,945
Total proceeds of 2005 NY Ride supporting educational projects $166,554
Ride Proceeds to Hazon (55%) $91,191
Tuv Ha’Aretz / Community-Supported Agriculture Project $45,000
General Hazon Support $31,191
Rabbinic Fellowship $10,000
Leadership Development $5,000
Ride Proceeds to External Beneficiaries (45%) $74,363
Main Partners
Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center / ADAMAH
The mission of Isabella Freedman is to cultivate spiritually vibrant, socially progressive and environmentally conscious Jewish community. ADAMAH, a 3 or 6 month farming and Jewish learning fellowship program for 20somethings, is the spark that makes this happens.
ADAMAH intends to use $12,500 of the grant money to purchase a new green house for the ADAMAH program; and $12,500 to support general operating costs for ADAMAH.
Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
The goal of the Arava Institute is to produce a cadre of Jewish and Arab leaders who not only understand environmental problems but are also committed to working together to solve them in a regional context. The Arava Institute’s mission is “to provide the Middle East a new generation of sophisticated professionals that will meet the region’s environmental challenges with richer and more innovative, peace-building solutions.” A grant from Hazon will be used toward scholarship funding for Middle Eastern students to attend the Arava Institute.
Mini-grant recipients in the US
Canfei Nesharim
to support a Shabbaton held by the first Orthodox environmental organization
Cleveland Jewish Bike Riders
to support a fun ride in Cleveland, OH
to support the Green Synagogue Initiative
Huntington Jewish Centerto support projects at HJC $180
Jewish Farm School
to fund a 4-day seminar on Organic Agriculture, Educational Gardening & Natural Building (June 2006)
Just Food
to support volunteer leadership training and core-group development programs
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Green Committee
to support Jewish environmental education programs for future rabbis at RRC
The Shalom Center
to support their “Beyond Oil” campaign to end global scorching
Teva Learning Center
to bring Jewish environmental education to synagogue and congregational school retreats
The Center for Sport & Jewish Life
to send American Jewish college students to participate in the Bike Ride for Freedom, a ride from Terezin to Prague in 2006
Mini Grant Recipients in Israel & Overseas
American Jewish World Service
to support projects in the developing world that focus on sustainable agriculture and the environment
Biodiesel Reactor at Moshav Amirim
to fund the creation of a biodiesel reactor and outreach programs to share biodiesel technology with other moshav communities
Four Rivers / Arba Nechalim
to support the establishment of a community-supported agriculture farm in Israel
Green Course: Students for the Environment in Israel
to support and expand the Eco Beit Midrash program at Hebrew University
Green Zionist Alliance
to support the GZA’s campaign for clean air and sustainable environment in Israel
Heschel Center for Environmental Leadership
to support the JGEN Israel Environmental Internship Program
Kibbutz Lotan
to support the Lotan Center for Creative Ecology
Tuv Ha’Aretz Mini Grants

three $1,800 start-up grants for new Tuv Ha’Aretz sites

Katrina Relief

Hazon matched the amount raised at the Ride for Katrina relief from funds from the Ride, bringing the total amount raised to $3,890. We pledged that funds raised would be used for direct and immediate support, and to support longer term work on climate change. To date, we’ve sent $1000 to Hillel students working in Gulfport, MS for them to dispense directly to people in need; and $1,890 to the Shalom Center, which is working to end our dependence on oil in order to positively affect global climate change. The final $1000 has yet to be awarded.

B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy Program, Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Seven teens from the B’nai Tzedek program participated in the Ride this year, and raised a total of $11,679. One third of this amound was remited to them to award in the spring as part of their funding program; this amount will be matched 2-1 by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. When these awards have been made we will post them here.

Making the Ride Carbon Neutral

We’ll use this money to plant trees which soak up the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the 2005 New York Jewish Environmental Bike Ride.