2003 New York Ride Grantees

We’re delighted to report that the 2003 New York Jewish Environmental Bike Ride raised a total of $112,864 in sponsorship. Thanks to our external Ride Sponsors, especially Bikkurim, the Dorot Foundation and UJA-Federation of New York, just $22,572 went towards the costs of the Ride.

More than $90,000 – 80% of all monies raised – went to a wide range of educational projects that support Jewish environmental education and advocacy, in New York, Israel and elsewhere. Thanks to our riders and their supporters, we were again able to support a range of innovative programs that in aggregate are touching people’s lives, that contribute significantly to renewing Jewish life through environmental education, and that move the Jewish community, here and in Israel, towards a deeper awareness of the need to live sustainably.

Major highlights from the Ride’s proceeds last year included:

ADAMAH Fellowship at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

  • new program for 20-somethings at Isabella Freedman – living there for 3- to 6-months to learn organic farming & Jewish environmental ethics
  • they’ll live in a house for which the downpayment was paid from the Ride
  • they’ll be at this year’s Ride – and we’ll get to see the house & meet the Fellows

The Hazon Beit Midrash

  • On the topic of “Food, Jewish tradition & contemporary environmental issues”
  • Developed curriculum materials that’ll be used in other settings

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

  • Supporting an MA program in environmental leadership
  • Israeli Jews, Palestinians, Jordanians – not just making a difference environmentally, but also training a new generation of regional leaders who know each other and can work together

The Teva Learning Center

  • Sponsoring a new four-day training program in Jewish environmental education for synagogue teachers & other interested professionals
  • Subsidizing teens going on the Teen Yitziah program – Jewish outdoor adventure for teens

The Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life

  • Doing critical work nationally and in Washington DC to rally the Jewish community towards environmental protection at a time that many environmental safeguards are under threat

Tuv Ha’aretz: a Jewish Community Supported Agriculture Project

  • The first Jewish CSA in New York – at Ansche Chesed
  • A chance both to eat local organic food (good for you & your family) and also to support an organic farm (good for the earth)
  • The farmer is Eve Kaplan – Garden of Eve – she spoke at the 2003 Pre-Ride Shabbaton

Society for the Protection of Nature (SPNI) Jerusalem

  • Supporting the development of community gardens in Jerusalem
  • Providing garden tools and educational support especially for programs with teens and with Down’s Syndrome adults at the historic garden of the old leper hospital in Jerusalem.

Abraham Joshua Heschel Center for Environmental Leadership & Learning

  • Supporting Project Rikma, which aims to build grassroots support for a sustainable Israel by building community networks. For more information on Rikma, click here.


Items in bold also received funding from the Ride in previous years:

Raised by the Ride 112864
Applied toward the cost of the Ride (20%) 22572
Total proceeds of Ride supporting educational projects 90292
Projects in Israel
Abraham Joshua Heschel Center for Environmental Leadership & Learning 3600
Arava Institute for Environmental Studies 7500
Kibbutz Lotan 1800
SPNI Jerusalem 2500
Tel Aviv Bishvil Ofanayim 500
Projects in or near New York
ADAMAH Fellowship at Isabella Freedman Retreat Center 20000
Beit Midrash Project: Food, Jewish Tradition & Contemp Env Ethics 12000
Tuv Ha’aretz:1st Jewish CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Project in NY 10000
Rabbinic Advisory Board 2000
Scholarships for Teen Yitziah 1800
NY area student programs 3000
Fellowship in Judaism & the environment 4800
Huntington Jewish Center – to support Jewish environmental education 750
Teva Learning Center 3600
Gan Chaim / creating Jewish community gardens in NY 2000
Jewish Environmental Organizations
Partners In Creation 1000
Canfei Nesharim 1360
Educational materials on Judaism & the environment 4000
Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life (COEJL) 3600
Shalom Center 1000
Other Environmental or Bike Advocacy Organizations
Adventure Cycling 100
Green Restaurant Association 360
Hudson Valley Sustainable Communities Network 180
Sierra Club 500
Transportation Alternatives 500
American Jewish World Service 1800