2002 New York Ride Grantees

The 2002 Ride raised a total of $124,102. Of this, 20% – $24,820 – was allocated toward the cost of the Ride. A further $36,000 was allocated to Hazon to support year-round Jewish environmental and outdoor education and advocacy (including some of the planning work for our first-ever Israel Environmental Bike Ride for which, at the time of writing, we’re expecting more than 30 riders – a wonderful commitment in the current climate.)

The remaining monies were distributed as follows (all amounts are in dollars; amounts in bold signify organizations that also received funding from our 2001 Ride; organizations in bold with an asterisk* also received funding from our 2000 Ride):

Adamah Fellowship at Isabella Freedman Retreat Center $3,600
This grant, to the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, is a planning grant to help establish a new Fellowship Program, enabling 12 to 15 Jewish young adults to live at Freedman and to learn about sustainable living, Jewish environmental learning and community service in the broader context of this Jewish retreat center. We’re incredibly excited to be able to assist this project at its birth, and we hope and expect that this will be a significant beneficiary of, and partner in, future New York Jewish Environmental Bike Rides.

Adventure Cycling $200
Adventure Cycling, based in Missoula Montana, is a non-profit which assists in the development of bike routes across the USA. In 2003 they’ll launch a new bike route in honor of the bicenteniall of, and following the trail established by, the 1803 Lewis & Clark Expedition.

American Jewish World Service $1,000
AJWS was founded in 1985 to help alleviate poverty, hunger and disease among the people of the world, regardless of race, religion and nationality. It breathes life into Judaism’s imperative to pursue justice, and helps American Jews act upon a deeply felt obligation to improve the chances for survival, economic independence and human dignity for all people. Ride monies went to support a new program enabling Jewish high school students to become involved in AJWS’s environmental work around the world.

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies $3,600
The Arava Institute, based at Kibbutz Ketura in the Negev, has pioneered post-graduate regional environmental studies in Israel. Their students learn about ecology and sustainability in the Arava itself, and go on to a wide range of positions in the growing envirionmental sector in Israel and the Middle East. Hazon is proud to be working with the Arava Institute, in launching in 2003 the first-ever Arava Institute Hazon Israel Environmental Bike Ride.

Bay Area Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life $750
Bay COEJL is one of the strongest local Jewish environmental organizations in the US, and has been at the forefront of Jewish environmental education and advocacy in the Bay Area.

Beit Midrash Project: Adam v’Adamah $12,000
Adam v’Adamah is a 26-week pluralistic learning community, based at the JCC in Manhattan and developed in association with Elul in Israel. The project is important both for the people learning in it, and as a platform to develop programming materials that can be used in a variety of other contexts.

Books and educational materials on Judaism & the environment $4,950
These monies went toward a wide range of books, benschers and brachot cards the broader purpose of which is deepening and widening knowledge about the interrelationships between Jewish tradition and contemporary environmental issues.

Board of Deputies Environment Project $1,680
The Board of Deputies of British Jews is the representative body of the British Jewish community. This grant went toward the development of a new national Jewish environmental initiative established by the Board of Deputies and the Noah Project.

COEJL (including COEJL Conference)* $7,630
The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life is the national umbrella organization for advocacy within and on behalf of the Jewish community on environmental issues. Some of this funding was used to sponsor New Yorkers to attend COEJL’s national leadership institute.

Germantown Jewish Center $250
To support environmental education at GJC.

Green Restaurant Association $360
The Green Restaurant Association is an initiative which has applied the traditional Jewish idea of a “hechsher” – a certificate of kashrut – to the issue of sustainability in restaurants. The Green Restaurant Association is not a Jewish organization, but it is one of a growing number of institutions where Jewish tradition is being applied imaginatively toward responding to contemporary environmental challenges.

The Heschel Center for Environmental Leadership & Learning* $1,800
Based in Israel, the mission of the Heschel Center is to put forth a holistic vision of sustainability for Israel in a global context; and to seek to catalyze initiatives within Israeli society to take the next steps toward achieving that goal. The Heschel Center has been one of the key institutions in developing awareness of the need for serious environmental protection in Israel.

Hudson Valley Sustainable Communities Network $180
A network of individuals and organizations, from the New York City border to the headwaters of the Hudson, working creatively to build more sustainable cities, towns, neighborhoods and rural communities.

Israel Union for Environmental Defense $1,000
Founded in 1990, the IUED – in hebrew, Adam Teva v’Din – has pioneered legal advocacy as a way to strengthen environmental protection in Israel.

Jewish Environmental Fellowship $4,800
This grant supports a paid summer internship at Hazon, enabling an appropriate college graduate to work on a range of Jewish environmental programming.

Jewish Reconstructionist Federation (for TorahQuest Environmental Unit) $300
TorahQuest is an online approach to Torah study which elicits the creation of commentaries in a variety of media, and this grant supports environmental content within TorahQuest.

Kibbutz Lotan* $1,800
Kibbutz Lotan, in the Negev, interweaves commitment to the land and State of Israel, to Jewish tradition, and to ecological awareness. We’re proud to have been able to support them for a third consecutive year. Their website gives a wonderful sense of the range of exciting projects that are now underway at Lotan.

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College $500
To support the Green Committee at RRC in educating members of the RRC community and to encourage environmentally wise use of resources within the RRC building.

Shalom Center* $1,800
The Shalom Center has done pioneering work in raising ecological awareness in the Jewish community. They are now working on an interfaith campaign to address the issue of rest and overwork in contemporary society.

Sierra Club $500
To support the work of the Sierra Club in New York.

SPNI Jerusalem* $1,800
To support the Sustainable Jerusalem Coalition of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, a project which seeks to encourage sustainable development in Jerusalem.

Sweet Whisper Farms (for Project Sukkat Shalom) $750
This grant supports educational programming at Sweet Whisper Farms, a Vermont farm which handproduces kosher organic maple syrup.

Tehillah $1,000
To support the Tu B’Shvat seder at Tehillah, a new congregation in Riverdale NY.

Tel Aviv Bishvil Ofanayim* $1,500
“Tel Aviv Bishvil Ofanayim” is a play on words, and means both “Tel Aviv Bike Path” and “Tel Aviv in favor of bikes.” The organization sponsors and encourages bike use in Israel.

Teva Learning Center* $6,200
The Teva Learning Center is a national pioneer in creating immersion Jewish environmental learning for Jewish middle-school children. A proportion of this grant sponsors New Yorkers to attend Teva’s ninth annual Jewish Environmental Education Seminar, a four-day retreat that gives participants the tools to create exciting Jewish nature, camping and experiential programs at their camp, synagogue or Jewish institution.

Time’s Up / Bike Summer $500
In the summer of 2003 – June 27th to July 26th – New York is the host of Bike Summer, an annual month-long festival involving bike rides, street theater, eco tours, advocacy and much more.

Transportation Alternatives $250
Supporting the work that Transportation Alternatives does to encourage an integrated transportation policy in New York. TA is working at the moment to encourage New York City to make Prospect Park and Central Park permanently car-free.

Tu B’Shvat Seder, India $430
A grant from the Ride provided educational materials and resources for a unique Tu B’Shvat seder, organized by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the local Jewish community in India.