Using the Participant Center

We use an online database system called Convio Luminate (owned by Blackbaud) to help manage the fundraising process. For more help with our system, contact us.

When you registered, you were asked to choose a user name and password. This is how you can access your Participant Center on our system. If you have forgotten you password, email

To access your Participant Center page, click “rider log in” on the New York Ride main page.


Your Personal Page

Our system allows each rider to set up a personal webpage to use for collecting donations online. It’s easy to use, and we highly recommend you familiarize yourself with it.

At the top of the page, click the Personal Page tab. From here, you can customize the page that friends see and can use to donate online. We have set a default picture and text, but we strongly recommend uploading your own photo or video and editing the caption to explain your commitment to the Ride. To edit the text, simply begin typing in the box that says “body.” To edit the picture, click “Photos/Video” on the right side of the page.

You can also edit the URL (web address) of your page so that you have a convenient short link to post online, email to friends etc. Do this by clicking “URL Settings” near the top of the page.

If you are a team captain, you have similar options to edit the Team Page on another tab.

Emailing Solicitations

Under the Email tab, you can use Convio to send out personalized emails to friends and family with a direct link to your fundraising site.

Creating an Address Book

Click on the “Contacts” on the right sidebar where you can view contacts in the system (none at first) and upload an address book from your personal email system into Convio. If you use Gmail or Yahoo the system can directly import your contacts. If you use another program, you can export your contacts and then import them into Convio using certain file types.

Once you have an address book uploaded, you can either click on “Contacts” on the right sidebar, or pull up the list from under the “To” field in the compose section. If you have a first name associated with the email address, you can set up personalized emails.

Saving Email Templates

On the lower half of the main Email page is the composition section. We have uploaded sample letters into the system which you can use as guides for composing your letter.  Under the subject field, click on “Use a template,” select “Solicitation,” then click “Fundraising Email General Template.” Or, you can compose a letter from scratch. See our tips on composing letters for more help. There are also various stationary options – entirely blank or one with an image at the top to give it some color.

Once you’ve written your letter, you can save it so you can recall it later. To do so, click the “Save as draft” link towards the top (next to the send button; you will need to write a subject for your email). You can view these later under the “Drafts” option on the right sidebar.

The emails will automatically append a link to your personal fundraising page at the bottom of the letter. Be sure to click on “Preview email” (next to the send button) to make sure it looks correct.

Once you have your names and addresses loaded, an email template or personal email written, and a subject line chosen, click “send email.”

Email History Log

The “Sent” link on the sidebar will show you all past solicitations sent via Convio. Just like with the address book, you can select previously emailed friends to add them to an email if you would like to send a follow up notice.

Entering Offline Donations

Donors who prefer not to donate online, can simply write checks and send them to you (the rider)or our office. Note: Israel Ride donations are sent to Friends of the Arava Institute – see below. Please ensure that your donors write your name in the memo so we know where to direct the funds.

If you receive a check as a donation for your account, you should enter the off-line donation information by clicking on the “Enter New Gift” button on the sidebar (make sure you are on the home page by clicking the Home tab on the top).  Once the donation is entered, you will be credited the amount of the check and the donor’s name will appear in the honor roll on your personal fundraising page. You should then mail the check(s)  – it is best to include a note so we know to whom these are credited:

Make checks out to:

Hazon <Ride Name>
125 Maiden Lane, Suite 8B
New York, NY 10038


Once we have received the checks, pending donations will be confirmed and the checks will be deposited.

Keeping Track of Donors

Under the Progress tab you can view all donations you have received – both online and checks received.

If you are an alum of previous rides and would like a copy of your previous donation history please email David Rendsburg