Getting Started

You can do it!

Hazon Rides are one of the largest sources of support for the Jewish Environmental Movement.  Each rider has a fundraising minimum, but most end up raising much more than their target.  Since our first bike ride in 2000, Hazon’s New York and Golden Gate Rides have given away over $800,000 to support over a hundred organizations and projects, while the Israel Ride has raised over $2 million for the Arava Institute. This funding has helped create a healthier and more sustainable world, and touched the lives of thousands of people through our transformative experiences and educational resources.

Just as you’ve signed up for a bike ride that may represent a real physical challenge, fundraising is a skill that can be learned.  The pages in this section are designed to help you craft a fundraising plan that will help you reach – and surpass – your fundraising goal.  Feel free to contact us at any point for assistance.

Get excited

Your commitment to riding is significant and you should not underestimate the magnitude of this endeavor. People admire and respect those who challenge themselves for a worthy cause. Be enthusiastic about the Ride and share your enthusiasm with others. Your excitement will encourage sponsors to support you and to be generous with their donations.

Set your target

Each of our riders has a different minimum sponsorship, but regardless of the minimum we encourage you to aim higher. The higher your fundraising target, the more generous your supporters will be. When you are close to meeting your target, consider setting a higher one. Each ride offers incentives to those who raise significantly above their required minimum.

I learned that fundraising is not about asking people for money.  It’s giving them an opportunity to contribute and become part of something larger.

—2010 NY Ride Participant who raised $1800

Know why you are riding

Each ride supports different projects and partners, and we encourage you to learn where the money goes. Each ride has multiple beneficiaries and goals. You should pick one or two that resonate with you personally, or tailor your fundraising messages depending on what your potential donor may be interested in.


New York Ride Proceeds
  • 60-70% of the proceeds fund Hazon’s year round food programs.
  • 10-15% is awarded as grants to external organizations and programs that share Hazon’s mission.
  • 20-25% of rider fundraising help cover the costs of the ride.