2015 Participant List

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There are 54 registered participants as of December 14, 2018.
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First NameLast Name ↓CityStateTargetPledgedTeam Name
Tamara Abrams BERKELEY CA $1100 $1200
Jeffrey Axelrod San Francisco CA $2000 $1964 The Axel Budds
Arella Axelrod San Francisco CA $1000 $0 The Axel Budds
Yesh Ballon Palo Alto CA $0 $0
Michele Ban Foster City CA $5001 $4680 Ban2Ban
Dylan Ban Foster City CA $800 $314 Ban2Ban
Eve Benora Fremont CA $0 $0
Mara Berde SAN FRANCISCO CA $1000 $0 Team Kitchen
Shirley Berman Mill Valley CA $1100 $1122
Joel Biatch Berkeley CA $1100 $500 B
Shosh Blachman Berkeley CA $1100 $1500 B
Morgan Blum San Francisco CA $1100 $1354 Hot Wheels!
Donny Friend San Francisco CA $1100 $0
Benjamin Friend San Francisco CA $1100 $1000
Jason Friend San Francisco CA $1100 $1800
Richard Goozh San Francisco CA $2500 $946
Scott Green Belmont CA $1500 $1205 Team Green
Helen Helfand Oakland OR $500 $372
De Herman Takoma Park MD $3000 $3346 Wilderness Torah
Lauren Heumann Berkeley CA $500 $573
Daniella Hirschfeld San Francisco CA $5000 $6647
David Miller Oakland CA $1100 $72
Rebecca Poretsky San Francisco CA $1100 $0
Randi Reed SAN FRANCISCO CA $800 $0 Team Kitchen
Sue Reinhold Berkeley CA $7000 $8907 Team Kitchen
Ben Rosenthal Berkeley CA $1800 $769
Steve Sockolov Mill Valley CA $1200 $1082
William Weddig Berkeley CA $1100 $0
Steven Wynbrandt Los Angeles CA $1100 $0
Olivia Zieve San Francisco CA $800 $800


First NameLast Name ↓CityStatePledgedTeam Name
Jonathan Astmann Berkeley CA $0
Joel Aufrecht San Francisco CA $0 Hot Wheels
Beth Cousens San Francisco CA $1018 Hot Wheels
Donna De Rego Livermore CA $0
Adam Edell Oakland CA $0
Ilana horwitz Stanford CA $462 Hot Wheels!
Robert Horwitz Stanford CA $0 Hot Wheels!
Arielle Kozin Oakland CA $0
FluffyBear McFake Falls Village CT $0
Beth Oelberger Astmann Berkeley CA $0
Ahinoam Pollack San Luis Obispo CA $0
Shira Potash Berkeley CA $1092 Hot Wheels!
Yoav Potash Berkeley CA $0
Andrea Pressman San Francisco CA $0 Hot Wheels

Shabbat Only

First NameLast Name ↓CityStatePledgedTeam Name
Anshel Astmann Berkeley CA $0
Steve Berman Mill Valley $0
Tracey Green Belmont CA $0 Team Green
Daria Jacobs-Velde Sebastopol CA $0
Joshua Jacobs-Velde Sebastopol $0
Michael Rothbaum Oakland CA $0
Anthony Russel Oakland CA $0


First NameLast Name ↓CityStatePledgedTeam Name
Jessie Katz New York NY $0
Kiki Lipsett Oakland $0
David Rendsburg New York NY $0