Join the Crew

Crew members are essential to the success of the Hazon California Ride.  They serve as the backbone of the event, bringing it to lifeand providing a support system for the riders in every sense.  Crew members join the Hazon community for the Shabbat retreat.

During the ride they help in a variety of ways: driving support vehicles, cheering, and setting up/taking down rest stops along theroute (see specifics below).  Families with children are encouraged to register for ‘Ruach Crew’ and will be tasked with cheering and celebrating the riders. Being on Crew involves important and hard work. Nonetheless, Crew members take great satisfaction knowing that through their efforts, they make the Ride possible and thus make a difference in furthering the Jewish environmental movement.

The cost of crew is highly subsidized.  In thanks for the indispensable work of Crew, we offer discounted registration of $150/$125 for the whole weekend. Crew receive all of the same lodging, food, and access to programming as the rest of the participants.

Crew Opportunities:

“This is the third year my daughter and I have been on the crew for the CA Ride … always a fun, illuminating, connecting and inspiring experience!”

Avodah (Work) Crew – for adults & teenagers

Avodah Crew members will have the opportunity to indicate their preferred Crew responsibility on a logistics form that will be sent in the month before the Ride. All Crew get to do one of the most important tasks: cheering the riders on!


Avodah Crew is divided into the following categories:



SAG/Sweep Crew

The SAG (Support and Gear) Crew is responsible for keeping track of the cyclists while they’re out on the course. This includes helping cyclists make it through particularly challenging intersections, chasing down lost cyclists, helping with basic bicycle maintenance, giving out extra water and food, and providing transportation to injured or worn out cyclists and their bicycles. Each day, a couple SAG Crew vehicles will be designated as the sweep crew for each route. This crew vehicle is responsible for keeping in visual contact with the last cyclist or group of cyclists on the course.

Each SAG/Sweep Crew consists of two people. Basic bike maintenance knowledge and equipment are also desired, but not required.  Finally, and maybe most importantly, the SAG Crews get to be out on the road with the cyclists, to cheer and motivate throughout the ride.

Rest Stop & Lunch Crew

We will be offering a rest stop or lunch stop every 15 to 20 miles. The Rest Stop Crew and Lunch Crew are responsible for setting up and taking down all of these stations and assisting the cyclists as they arrive.

These Crews also perform the vital service of helping cyclists keep track of time and making sure that all cyclists stay on schedule to complete each day’s riding before the course closes down in the late afternoon/early evening.

Each Rest Stop Crew or Lunch Crew consists of at least 3 people and will be assigned to set up, staff, and take down one site per day.

Gear & Site Services Crew

The Gear & Site Services Crew is responsible for transporting everyone’s gear to and from Walker Creek Ranch, making initial contact with our arrival destination, and supervising site clean up. These folks also work with Walker Creek Ranch to make sure that programming spaces are set up and make sure everything is ready for when the first cyclists arrive.

This Crew will be driving or riding in two rental trucks provided by Hazon. No special license is needed aside from a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. [clear]

Medical Crew

Persons with medical training including EMTs, nurses, doctors and physical therapists are needed at rest stops and at the end of each day. If you have any of these certifications, we encourage you to sign up to be a member of the Medical Crew. If you are interested in providing medical assistance or know someone who might be, please email

Massage Crew

Massage therapists are very appreciated members of Crew! We are looking for several massage therapists to give massages at the end of each riding day to riders. If you are interested in giving massages or know someone who might be, please email