Ways to Participate

There are three main ways to participate in the Golden Gate Ride: as a Rider, as a Crew member, or as a Shabbat Retreat participant. However, if you or your family cannot join us for the whole event, we also offer one-day riding options. While we encourage participants to form teams, coming on your own is a great experience as well.

At the Hazon Ride and Retreat, we learned that living Jewishly is much more than lighting Shabbat candles and attending services. We breathed, ate, cycled and lived Jewish values together in one of the most amazing holiday weekends I have ever spent. Best birthday gift I ever gave my husband!



Most participants join us for the cycling experience – two days of riding in Sonoma and Marin Counties, ending in San Francisco. All riders have a fundraising requirement ($800 – $1000 depending on your age), and we provide various tools to assist in your solicitation efforts.

We offer multiple routes on Sunday which return to Walker Creek Ranch. On Monday, cycle 60 miles from the Ranch to San Francisco or take the shuttle for a shorter 40-mile ride. All routes are fully supported with rest stops, mechanics, and medical support if needed. You must be at least 12 years old to ride (see our teen safety policy for details).




One-Day Options

Sunday Only: If you cannot ride on Monday, you can still join us for the Shabbat Retreat and ride on Sunday only. Sunday’s ride is a loop back to Walker Creek Ranch. You are responsible for your own transportation on Sunday evening. For this option, there is a $500 fundraising requirement on top of the Shabbat-only registration cost.

Monday Only: If you cannot come for Shabbat, you can come for Monday’s ride from Walker Creek Ranch to San Francisco. However, you will either need to be dropped off or arrange for your car’s transportation back to San Francisco. There is a $50 registration fee and $500 fundraising requirement.





The world-class support we provide our riders is made possible by the volunteer crew. Without ever getting on a bicycle, the Crew has the power to move people. Not just as they are driving the route, but by cheering riders on, carrying someone’s gear bag, preparing and cleaning up rest stops for riders or helping with a flat tire.

All Crew members participate fully in the Weekend Retreat. We contact all Crew to ensure your assigned role is a good fit. There are various ways to participate:

  • Avodah (work) Crew” to drive, cheer, mark the route, cheer, set up rest stops, provide medical support, and yes, to cheer more.
  • Ruach (spirit) Crew,” for crew members with kids ages 5-17. Ruach Crew do more cheering and less work but are still fully part of the Ride, and have an amazing time.
  • Families with kids 4 and under are encouraged to register as Shabbat only participants. You are welcome to join us on the road to cheer family members and visit the rest stops or just hang out on your own during the day.

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Avodah Crew are our main workers and work long hours. You may be asked to assist with heavy lifting, schlepping (hauling) and sorting luggage, driving on unfamiliar roads, attending crew meetings on the Ride days, working in the sun or inclement weather, standing for extended periods of time, running errands, organizing/preparing food and supplies, rest stop set up/shut down and assisting with emergency situations. It is hard and invaluable work; together we make it fun and safe for everyone.

Avodah crew are divided into various teams, each with their own crew captain. Each team is given detailed instructions for their jobs during the day, along with maps and directions.

Avodah crew arrive at Walker Creek Ranch on Friday along with with the riders. In May, you will be assigned to a specific crew team and will be contacted by your team captain. There is at least one conference call, before the Ride weekend, just for crew. We also need some help after the ride in cleaning up.

All Avodah Crew applicants are contacted after registering. This ensures that you are the right fit for this crew, which enables us to run a smoother ride and allows you to have a better time. There are 40 positions available. The cost to Hazon for the whole weekend is $400 per participant. In thanks for their indispensable work, we discount registration for Avodah Crew members to $180. Fundraising is strongly encouraged but not required.

Van and Truck Drivers
We need drivers for large vans and trucks in advance of, and during, the Ride. We especially need people who can drive the trucks loaded with bikes up to Walker Creek Ranch on Friday. No special license is needed aside from a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

Persons with medical training including EMTs, nurses, doctors and physical therapists are needed at rest stops and at the end of each day.

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Ruach Crew is reserved for parents and children who are coming with a riding family member. Ruach Crew assist our Avodah Crew but have reduced hours and responsibility. Parents are able to focus on their children as their primary responsibility. You will receive a detailed packet with maps and your specific roles at the Ride.

The main tasks are to create signs, cheer riders, help riders navigate difficult intersections, decorate rest stops, entertain the riders at rest stops, and sort/distribute food and supplies. Ruach crew are not asked to drive a car other than their own. Ruach crew are able to take advantage of activities at Walker Creek Ranch and have the all-important task of cheering in the riders as they arrive for the closing ceremony. 30 slots are available. Registration for Ruach crew is $225 for adults and $149 for children.




Shabbat Retreat Only

For those who just want to join the Hazon community but not ride or crew, you can join us at Walker Creek Ranch for the Shabbat Retreat component of the weekend. You get to participate fully in the programming from Friday afternoon until Saturday night, and can lounge at the Ranch on Sunday morning after the riders depart.

The cost for Shabbat only is $199 for adults and $150 for children over 4. There is an option to stay for Sunday night as well.