Fees and Fundraising

Fees for the California Ride & Retreat include a general registration fee for the weekend and a fundraising requirement (for riders). There is an additional housing fee if you opt for private housing.

Registration Fee

Fundraising Minimum

Riders (click for more information)

Most participants join us for the cycling experience – two days of riding in Sonoma and Marin Counties, ending in San Francisco. All riders have a fundraising requirement ($800 – $1,100 depending on age). On Friday, choose from multiple routes of varying mileage that begin at and return to Walker Creek Ranch. On Sunday, cycle 40 or 60 miles from the Ranch to San Francisco. All routes are fully supported with rest stops, mechanics, and medical support if needed.You must be at least 12 years old to ride. Read more about being a youth rider.
Adult Rider (30+)
For additional adult family members, see next line*
$250 $1000
Young Adult Rider (18-29)
*Additional Adult Family Member(s)
$250 $500
Youth Rider (12-17) or Student
$250 $500
Family Rider Plan
(Each parent rides one day)
$250/parent $550/parent
($1100 total)

One Day Riders + Shabbat (click for more information)

If you are unable to attend the entire ride, but still want to participate, register as a One Day Rider. Registration fee for One Day Riders includes Shabbat participation.
Friday Only: Friday’s ride is a loop, starting and ending at Walker Creek Ranch.
Sunday Only: Sunday’s ride begins at Walker Creek Ranch and ends in San Francisco.
Friday Rider $150 $500
Sunday Rider $150 $500

Crew (click for more information)

The support we provide our riders is made possible by a wonderful volunteer crew. Crew members drive the route alongside riders, cheer riders on, prepare and clean up rest stops, help fix flat tires, and so much more. All crew members participate fully in the Shabbat weekend retreat.The key responsibilities of Crew include: driving, cheering, marking the route, cheering, setting up rest stops, providing medical support, and cheering more.For more information, please visit the Non-Riding Crew page.
Avodah (Work) Crew (15+)
$200 none

Shabbat Only (click for more information)

For those who just want to join the Hazon community but not ride or do crew, you can participate in the Shabbat Retreat at Walker Creek Ranch. Friday evening-Sunday morning.
Adult (18+) $250 none
Child (5-17) $199 none
Toddler (0-4) $0 none

Housing Upgrades (click for more information)

Basic housing includes dorm-style rooms with shared baths. Upgrades are double occupancy, shared bath in a house-style arrangement.
Semi-Private Housing $110/person

Costs & Benefits

The cost per participant in the Ride & Retreat is about $500. Participant registration does not cover that full cost. We strive to keep registration fees low so that all who want to participate in the Ride & Retreat are able to. No more than 25% of rider fundraising goes to cover the costs of participation. We work very hard to minimize our costs because, like you, we want as much money as possible to go toward our causes. Your fundraising is an essential part of our ability to grow Hazon programs and support environmental projects locally, nationally, and in Israel.

Registration fee includes:

  • All meals from Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch
  • Snacks throughout bike ride and on Shabbat
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Luggage transport
  • Charter bus to take you to Walker Creek Ranch
    (pick-up location will be where bike route finishes so your car will be waiting for you at the end of the ride)
  • Pre-ride bike drop-off options
  • SAG (support and gear) vehicles along the bike route
  • Rest stops every 15-20 miles
  • Mechanical support and maintenance
  • Medical support

Additional Costs and Fees:

Housing Upgrades: There is an option to upgrade your housing for all nights at Walker Creek Ranch to ‘semi-private’ housing.

Bike Rentals (details subject to change): Riders who would like to rent a bike can choose from the Roam 2 Hybrid ($90) or the Defy Road Bike ($150). We will ask your sizing information on a logistics form you will receive after registering for the ride. Bike rental payment can be made through that form. We will coordinate bike drop-off at Walker Creek Ranch and pick-up at the end of the ride.

Hazon Apparel: We will have Hazon biking apparel and other merchandise for sale at the ride.

Fundraising Minimums

All participants are required to complete their fundraising by June 30th, 2015. If you have not reached your minimum by the ride, we will ask for a credit card guarantee when you arrive. We will not charge your card until June 30th, and then only after we have contacted you. We encourage you to increase your fundraising goal on your personal webpage. Please note that while we hope you will reach your stated fundraising goal, we only hold you to fundraising to our minimum requirement ($500/$800/$1100).


Fundraising can seem like a challenge if you have never done it before. We believe you can achieve your fundraising goal just like you can achieve your mileage goal. The California Ride & Retreat team and Hazon staff are committed to helping you achieve your fundraising goal. You will receive a fundraising packet after you register that will include tips on how to get started, who to ask, information about where the money goes that you can share with your donors, and sample fundraising letters. These fundraising tools are also available on this website. We are happy to answer questions, coach you through personal solicitations, and read your fundraising letters before you send them out. Just ask! Email caride@hazon.org.

Family Discounts

We love when families come to ride together. We recognize that raising sponsorship can be a challenge for family members who have the same pool of sponsors to draw from. Therefore, if two or more family members are registered to ride, second and subsequent family members have their fundraising minimum reduced to $800. In order to qualify as a “second family member” you must be registering with a $1,1000 fundraising family member.

We are completely happy for “family members” to include unmarried partners, and we are happy for you to self-define as such. At the same time, the family discount is not intended to include your best friend or close co-worker. If you are eager to ride with people close to you, form a team!


When you register for the ride, we count on your participation and plan accordingly. Therefore the registration fee is non-refundable. If you cancel before April 23rd, 2015, you are not responsible for your fundraising minimum. However, if you cancel within the two weeks before the Ride & Retreat, we hold you to a $500 fundraising level to help cover costs. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving early. Please note that donations are non-refundable and non-transferable.