Pickle Parties

Help us bring Adamah’s kosher, local, organic products to your neighborhood! By buying these products, you will not only get a delicious and wholesome product, but in doing so will support both our work growing young leaders and your health!

In order for us to deliver to your neighborhood, we need to reach a minimum order (which will depend on how far we drive to get to you!). This is where the fun comes in! Buy your pickles, and then encourage all of your friends & family in the area to do the same.  The more people buy, the more likely we’ll be able to deliver;  if we do not reach our required minimum, you will automatically be reimbursed. It’s as simple as that.

Why are our pickles different from all other pickles? Our pickles and krauts are made using the process of lactofermentation, instead of vinegar. This enhances the vitamin content of the food, preserves nutrients, and promotes healthy digestion.  A spoonful of sauerkraut a day keeps the doctor away!

Check out last year’s Boston Pickle Party!

Want to have a pickle party in your region? Contact us if you are in the Northeast, and we’ll discuss details!


Thank you for helping Jewish farmers change the world, one pickle at a time!