Theory of Change

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The word Hazon means “vision.” Our vision is of a vibrant healthy Jewish community, in which to be Jewish is necessarily to help create a more sustainable world for all.

We effect change in three ways:

  • Inspiring and activating people through immersive JOFEE experiences.
    (JOFEE is Jewish, Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Education)
  • Educating and supporting JOFEE leaders.
  • Building a field, by catalyzing and convening Jewish leaders, organizations and individuals to make specific commitments to change – with a particular focus on food systems, because food is both central to Jewish life and to our impact in the world.

Everything we do is rooted in seven core principles:

  • Vibrant experiential education that renews Jewish life
    Using songs, growing, cooking, meditation, retreats, Shabbat celebrations and the arts…
  • Connections between Jewish tradition and the outdoors, food, farming, and ecology
    Engaging with texts, ritual, prayer, thought-leadership, and the physical world that sustains us…
  • Intellectual excellence and rigor
    Relating to Jewish tradition with integrity; committing to best practice; learning from expert teachers; and using ongoing evaluation to improve all that we do…
  • Justice, diversity, and inclusion
    Including in relation to religious expression, gender, identity, race…
  • A focus on leadership, because leadership amplifies impact
    Educating, networking, nurturing and empowering leaders across the JOFEE field…
  • Healthy and sustainable actions
    Operating at the highest possible standards in relation to health and environmental sustainability; farming organically; demonstrating meatless meals; serving high-welfare eggs; reducing plastic and sugar…
  • Investing in our own people
    Supporting staff and board development as critical to our own long-term success…

So that by 2022, at the end of this Shmita (seven-year) cycle:

  • 50,000 people have participated in a Jewish experience that shifted their understanding of what it means to be Jewish
  • A network of 600 JOFEE leaders has the skills and support they need to engage people in a national movement
  • At least 180 Jewish organizations and 10,000 Jewish people have made specific commitments, with a particular focus on a more ethical, sustainable food system.

Together we are building a Jewish movement that strengthens Jewish life and contributes to a more environmentally sustainable world for all.