Fiscal Sponsorship


Kenissa: Communities of Meaning Network connects individuals who are leading contemporary efforts to turn-define Jewish life. The Kenissa Network identifies and convenes leaders of new organizations and communities and creates a capacity building network to help these emerging communities of meaning thrive. Communities of meaning are networks of individuals that are inspired by an idea or a practice that enriches their lives and/or significantly improve conditions in the world for others.

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Clergy Leadership Institute

Clergy Leadership Incubator (CLI) is a two-year program to support and encourage rabbis in organizational leadership, change management and institutional transformation. The program is open to rabbis of all denominations serving congregations or rabbis who have created or are in the process of creating new models of spiritual community. The CLI program integrates the best thinking and practice in the field of synagogue transformation with the frameworks from the discipline of adaptive leadership developed at the Kennedy School of Harvard University. CLI is currently in the midst of its third cohort of twenty rabbis.

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Rabbinical Student Retreats

Rabbinical Student Inter-Denominational Retreats bring together students from eleven different seminaries for a weekend of learning, prayer, relationship building, recreation and much more. Run since 2005, over 500 rabbinical students have had the opportunity to learn from some of the most outstanding practitioners in the field from whom they gain practical “Torah” about how they might be able to re-imagine the rabbinate and the communities they will eventually serve.

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