From 2010 to 2020, Hazon staffed a regional branch serving the Denver/Boulder metro area. We worked with local leaders and organizations to seed and support Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming and Environmental Education (JOFEE) programs. We partnered on a wide range of experiential educational programs, and provided consulting, mini-grants, networking, and hosted the annual Colorado Jewish Food Festival! Over these ten years, the norms of Jewish life on the Front Range shifted, resulting in a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community as, for example, Jewish gardens and sustainable behavior (like composting, renewable energy) became increasingly common place. We worked with excellent, dedicated lay leaders and more than 70 Jewish organizations. We are grateful to the core funders whose consistent and generous support enabled this decade-long project: Rose Community Foundation, 18 Pomegranates, Oreg Foundation, and EJF Philanthropies.

Hazon’s work in Colorado continues through the Hazon Seal of Sustainability. If your Jewish organization is interested in being part of the Colorado Seal cohort, contact Seal@Hazon.org.

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Hazon brings resources and expertise directly to the Denver and Boulder areas to strengthen and support existing Jewish institutions and start-ups. We work with local leaders and organizations to respond to their expressed needs and desires to build and strengthen Jewish food, outdoor, and environmental programs. Hazon catalyzes energy and passion that already exist, gives people a sense of Jewish possibility, seeds programs and ideas, and supports nascent leaders, so that a growing range of programs and experiences transform people’s lives and materially strengthen the Jewish community overall. Read More


This work is made possible through the generous support of:

Oreg Foundation

Colorado Staff

Becky O’Brien
Director, Boulder
[ico_mail email=”becky.o’brien@hazon.org”]becky.o’brien@hazon.org[/ico_mail]

Sarah Kornhauser
Director, Denver
[ico_mail email=”sarah.kornhauser@hazon.org”]sarah.kornhauser@hazon.org[/ico_mail]