The Adamah CSA

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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture shortens the distance from farm to table, benefiting the health of our bodies, our wallets and the earth. CSA members receive a weekly abundance of fresh, local food throughout the growing season. With a secure market for their harvest, CSA farmers get to focus on growing great food and caring for the land.

Why Join?

  • TASTE Fresh is more delicious and selling locally allows farmers to choose varieties based on flavor rather than shipping durability.
  • HEALTH The colorful bounty of a CSA share represents a weekly dose of fresh vitamins and minerals.
  • COMMUNITY During pickups, at farm visit days and through our newsletter, members can share recipes, learn how their food is grown and spend time with fellow veggie-lovers.
  • ADVENTURE The weekly challenge of using up a CSA share presents an exciting cooking experience.
  • LAND STEWARDSHIP We use compost, crop rotation, cover crops and crop diversity rather than chemicals.
  • SUSTAINABILITY Vegetable oil fuels our trucks, part of our land is planted in permaculture and we keep earth in mind in all our decisions.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY We can answer to our members on quality, environmental and labor issues in ways that big industrial farms cannot.
  • KEEPING IT LOCAL Members support their local economy by keeping their food dollars nearby.

Private: Community-Supported Agriculture

Bring Local Organic Produce to your Jewish Community…in time for Shabbat!

The Hazon CSA program will support you through the process of planning, marketing, organizing and running your Community-Supported Agriculture project. We’ll also help you create engaging, high-quality adult and family Jewish education around food and agriculture. Apply now to start a CSA in your community for the 2013 growing season.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
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Already have a CSA up and running?

Join the Hazon CSA Network!  Benefit from our weekly newsletter articles, program archive and international listserv that will connect you to other Jewish CSA leaders. We warmly invite existing CSAs who are interested in organizing innovative programming, engaging volunteers and building community to join the CSA Network.
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Hazon CSA: Transforming the Jewish Community

Hazon’s CSA program is the first ongoing effort in the American Jewish community to support local, sustainable agriculture. Founded in 2004, our CSA program now includes over 65 sites in the US, Canada and Israel, and over 2,300 households. The Hazon CSA program has helped the Jewish community to put nearly $5 million dollars behind sustainable agriculture, and supported Jewish institutions such as synagogues and JCCs create innovative educational programming around the intersections of Jewish tradition and contemporary food and environmental issues.


The CSA inspired us to cook much more often and to eat more healthfully on a regular basis. Knowing where our food comes from feels good and makes it all the more enjoyable. Knowing that we are supporting an organic farm also adds greatly to our enjoyment of the food.”
Alexandra, New York, NY

I have struggled connecting with the Jewish community because I have not found myself in it. Joining a Jewish CSA was a great way for me to connect my Jewish identity with things I am passionate about, such as food politics and sustainable living. I am glad that the Jewish community recognizes that food issues are Jewish issues. Thank you for creating a space in which people like me who struggle with connecting to the Jewish community can feel welcome and invited.

—Esty, Brooklyn NY


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