Resources for Organizations

The JGF has given us the impetus to do more and to highlight greening as a central part of our mission.  The JGF helps make it clear that greening is not just one person’s goal.  Having the grant validates it hugely.  The validation is worth more than the actual dollars – especially for the board.
—Rabbi Valerie Lieber, Kane Street Synagogue

We are committed to assisting Jewish organizations in integrate environmental sustainability into their mission, programs, and operations.  Here are some resources for getting started on your own green initiative:

Greening Resources

Hazon Food Audit and Guide – The Hazon Food Audit and Food Guide Toolkit will help you navigate food choices in your synagogue, JCC, camp, Hillel, or other institution and offers practical suggestions for bringing our ancient tradition of keeping kosher–literally, eating food that is “fit”– to bear on the range of food choices you are making today.

Cool Climate Calculator – You can use this calculator to estimate your organization’s carbon footprint in an easy to manage, simple manner that will help you track your progress as you take steps to become more energy efficient.

Story of Stuff – Videos and educational resources about consumerism that explore how our everyday choices are connected to global environmental, economic, and social challenges – and how we can work together to create a more healthy and just world.

Sustainability Best Practices – A practical handout from Greenfaith outlines best practices to get you started in greening your operations. (PDF)

Sustainable Purchasing Vendor Questionnaire – Developed by JGF organization Jewish Home Lifecare, this questionnaire can be distributed to your vendors to help you assess their commitment to environmental and social responsibility. (PDF)

Jewish Children’s Garden Curriculum –  A structured environmental activities and learning programs for Jewish early childhood programs.

SWET Analysis – The SWET Analysis is a fun brainstorming exercise that will help your Green Team to identify action steps that have both meaningful environment impacts and educational impacts.  (PDF)

The  Jewish Environmental Source Library includes over 400 texts, source sheets, and Divrei Torah (talks and sermons.)

Greenfaith Resources is a website with resources for houses of worship for spirit stewardship and justice.

COEJL Energy Guide provides Jewish perspectives on policy issues and practical guidance for increasing energy efficiency and reducing your organization’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Interfaith Power & Light:  A Religious Response to Global Warming’s state chapters offer resources for getting involved in advocacy and action in local communities.