The information I am learning and the programming it inspires has had a greater impact on my community and my personal life than any other kind of management oriented training I have ever had before.  It has inspired me to action, and to bring others to action, and made me a better citizen of the Earth.
—Lisa Feinman, Asst. Executive Director, JCC On the Hudson

To date, the 55 organizations that have participated in the Jewish Greening Fellowship have:

  • Seeded nearly 150 new educational programs
  • Raised more than $3.3 million toward energy efficiency, solar, green roofs, and green programs
  • Implemented energy efficiency upgrades that will save over $1,000,000 in the next decade.

JGF Successes

Organization: 14th Street Y

Case Study:  Composting Builds Community

With support from JGF, the 14th Street Y introduced a community composting program, utilizing the Y’s afterschool program to make a video introducing the project.  200 families now regularly drop off their food waste at the Y with over 2.5 tons having been collected!  At the Y’s day camp, children participate in Jewish learning and living by exploring the value of bal tashchit – avoiding waste – while they collect food waste for the compost bin.

Organization: Camp Jacobson at Robin Hood

Case Study:  Nature Education Attracts New Campers

Camp Jacobson established a Teva (Nature) Center, created an annual Teva Day, and built a beautiful garden that has become a centerpiece of the camp and draw for enrollment.  Camp Jacobson received a JGF Alumni grant to install a solar energy system which will enrich science education in the camp.

Organization: Friedberg JCC

Case Study: Energy Efficiency Reduces Operational Expenses

The Friedberg JCC completed an energy audit and implemented the recommended upgrades, including the installation of new lighting and motion sensors.  One year later, the JCC has saved over 100,000 kWh from (941,000 to 833,000 kWh) and about $ 15,000 – exceeding the entire cost of the upgrades to the JCC.

Organization: Riverdale YM-YWHA

Case Study:  Farmers Market Encourages Healthy Eating

Riverdale Y’s Farmers Market is a source of healthy food, a way to support sustainable agriculture, and builds community.  Marti Michael, Executive Director, says that “Our greening work has had a tremendous impact on the community and the brand of the Riverdale Y as a leader in this area.”  Riverdale Y’s efforts have allowed other groups to use the market as a venue for outreach and education. This summer a JGF Alumni Grant supported a series of hands-on nature and cooking programs at the Farmers Market for young children, presented in collaboration with the NYC Urban Park Rangers.