Fiscal Sponsorships

Hazon provides fiscal sponsorship to organizations that work to further its mission of creating healthy and sustainable communities.

We no longer take on sponsees.

For incorporated entities that do not yet have their own 501(c)3, Hazon can provide a path to raising tax-deductible donations, as well as organizational development resources and access to a larger community of Jewish non-profits.



Green Movement Amutah

The Green Movement Association seeks to influence public opinion and further the understanding among Israel’s diverse communities that sustainable living needs to be a part of everyday life.



Pushing the Envelope Farm

Pushing the Envelope Farm is an agricultural education center rooted in Jewish tradition which serves the greater Fox Valley and Chicagoland communities. The mission of Pushing the Envelope is to foster vibrant communal life by exploring Jewish agricultural traditions and contemporary ecological understanding. Through hands-on learning based in ecological design, personal interaction with nature, and an exploration of Jewish thought, the farm aspires to inspire, build, and create a more sustainable future. The farm offers people of all faiths and creeds the opportunity to experience sustainable agriculture first-hand, and provides a wide variety of educational workshops for people of all ages from community groups such as synagogues, churches, libraries, youth and school groups.