Food Festival 2015 Jam
Food Festival 2015: Locust
food Festival 2015: kale and kid
Food Festival 2015: Ekar
Food Festival 2015: bike blender spin
Food Festival 2015: bees
Food Festival 2015
food Festival 2015 Topsy Turvy

Celebrate Festival: A Jewish Festival of Food, Community and Family

May 17, 2015 - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Denver Jewish Community Center, Denver, CO

Spend your day celebrating and hands-on-doing with 2,000 people of all ages

This [festival] has created a space for me to have a blast as a foodie and feel like a member of our Colorado Jewish community.”
—2014 Hazon Jewish Food Festival participant

Explore Colorado’s Jewish culinary landscape, and community offerings with fellow Colorado foodies, nutritionists, chefs, farmers, rabbis, families, vegans and omnivores.  Celebrate our community and the Jewish Food Movement.

Spend your day exploring modern twists on Jewish community: a challah making bar for kiddos, a beer tasting for the 21+ crowd, bike-blenders in a spin class, greasy watermelon challenge for the families, cleanse classes, a farmers market, and more!

The Celebrate Festival–powered by Hazon and the Denver JCC–provides DIY workshops, interactive classes and a farmers market for the whole community.  All ages welcome.

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The Colorado Jewish Food Festival is part of the Celebrate Festival.