Fresh Israel: A pre-JFN tour of Israel through the eyes of its evolving food scene*

Mar 14, 2015 - Mar 16, 2015

Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel

Produced by Hazon & Heschel, sponsored by Leichtag Foundation.

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Dinner: Saturday 7pm 14th March until Monday 1pm 16th March

Israel, as we know, has moved on since the clichéd days of the kibbutzim, falafel and hummus.
Today’s Israel is a more complex, challenging, vibrant country – and food issues in Israel, no less than in the US and elsewhere, offer a window into the challenges and opportunities involved in philanthropy and the future of Israel itself.

Join us for an action-packed (and well-fed) Israel Food Tour, led by the Heschel Center’s Dr Jeremy Benstein and Hazon’s Nigel Savage, staffed by Limor Friedman & Gabi Scher and co-chaired by Leichtag Foundation’s Jim Farley.

We will gather for dinner on Saturday night, March 14th, and will end with lunch on Monday, March 16th.

  • Meet with change-makers and activists using food systems as a lens to make a more just and healthier society.

  • Dig into issues of food justice as you glean produce with Leket, Israel’s largest food rescue program.

  • Dine in delicious restaurants and meet innovative chefs.

  • Visit food growers and producers and taste local wines

  • Experience Shmita, the Biblical sabbatical year, and hear how modern Israelis on the farm and in the city are interpreting Shmita for themselves and their country.

Tour participants will spend both nights in Tel Aviv; please be sure to book your room at the Hilton as part of your conference stay or your preferred location.

To register: Mark the box when you register for the conference. Please contact for information on participating on the tour without attending the JFN conference.

The cost is $480 and includes all travel and food.

*Itinerary is subject to change.