Fees and Fundraising

Please note that we are nearly sold out.
We have space for a 2 more riders in cabins, and limited availability for tenting.

Participation Options

Riders (click for more information)

Most participants join us for the cycling experience – two days of riding in the Southern Berkshires and the Hudson Valley, ending in Manhattan. All riders have a fundraising requirement, and we provide various tools to assist in your solicitation efforts.We offer multiple routes on Sunday which return to Isabella Freedman. On Monday, riders will be shuttled to various starting points that are 40 or 60 miles from Manhattan. All routes are fully supported with rest stops, mechanics, and medical support if needed. You must be at least 12 years old to ride (see our teen safety policy for details).

Sunday Only: If you cannot ride on Monday, you can still join us for Shabbat and ride on Sunday only. Sunday’s ride is a loop back to Isabella Freedman.

Crew (click for more information)

The support over the cycling days would not be possible without our volunteer crew.All crew members participate fully in the Shabbat retreat.

Our “Avodah (work) Crew” drive, cheer,  set up, staff, and clean up rest stops, cheer, mark the route, provide medical support, and yes, to cheer more. Crew are our main workers and can be on the road for most of the day. You may be asked to assist with heavy lifting, moving and sorting luggage, driving on unfamiliar roads, working in the sun or inclement weather, standing for extended periods of time, running errands, organizing/preparing food and supplies, rest stop set up/shut down and assisting with emergency situations. It is hard and invaluable work; together we make it fun and safe for everyone.Avodah crew are divided into various teams, each with their own crew captain. Each team is given detailed instructions for their jobs during the day, along with maps and directions.

In August, you will be assigned to a specific crew team and will be contacted by your team captain. There is a crew briefing on Saturday and Sunday evenings to prepare you for the next day on the road. We try to contact all Avodah Crew before the ride, toensure that you are the right fit for this crew, which enables us to run a smoother ride and allow you to have a better time.We need some specialized crew such as van drivers (who drive our “sweep” vehicles behind riders), truck drivers (who transport bikes and luggage), medical crew, and mechanics.

Families with one riding parent and little kids are encouraged to come for Shabbat and stay throughout the riding days. Rather than being given a detailed crew job, these families are welcome to join us on the road, cheering as they like. You should sign up for Shabbat, and if you would like to stay over for Sunday night, there is a small extra fee.

Shabbat & Children (click for more information)

For those who just want to join the Hazon community but not ride or crew, you can join us at Isabella Freedman for the Shabbat Retreat component of the weekend. You get to participate fully in the programming from Friday afternoon until Saturday night, and can lounge at Freedman on Sunday morning after the riders depart.If you would like, you may be able to relax at Freedman throughout Sunday and stay Monday night as well for an extra fee (and go out on the road to cheer if you like). This is a great option for families with small children when one parent is riding. We have limited space available for Shabbat only guests.

Registration Fees and Fundraising Commitments

Choose your participation type, then follow across for your housing options and fundraising commitment.


Registration + Housing Fees


Tenting Economy Cabin Standard Plus Cabin
Adult Rider (31+) $199 $289 Sold Out $1000
Young Adult Rider (18-30) $500
Avodah (working) Crew Sold Out.
Youth Rider (12-17) $150 $150 Sold Out $500
Non-Riding Child (5-17) Sold Out None
Shabbat Only Adult (18+) None
Toddler (0-4) Free Sold Out None

Housing Options

Economy Cabins

Economy cabins are 2-4 to a room, with single (European/hostel style) bathrooms down the hall. All bedding, towels, soap and shampoo are provided.

Standard Plus Cabins

Stanard Plus Cabins are 2-3 to a room, with a private bath (ensuite). All bedding, towels, soap and shampoo are provided.


You are welcome to pitch your own tent on the grounds. You must bring your own sleeping bag. There are showers and bathrooms available on site.

Costs & Benefits:

The NY Ride & Retreat weekend costs Hazon about $400 per person. This includes meals, lodging, transportation, luggage transfer, snacks, bike and medical support and a weekend filled with programming. The participant registration fee does not cover that full cost, with the balance being covered by 20% of rider fundraising.

Like you, we want as much money as possible to go to the cause. You could just write a check to support Hazon and our partners, but the bike ride has many advantages that cannot be calculated financially. Through the Ride you are raising awareness, cultivating future riders and helping to build the Hazon community.

If you would like more of your fundraising to go towards the cause, we encourage you to sponsor yourself right on the registration form to help cover these costs. If you choose to do that, we encourage you to tell your donors that you covered your own participation with a personal donation. This act shows that you are serious about supporting your ride financially as well as physically. The registration fee is non-refundable and not tax-deductible, but any donations above the registration fee are acknowledged as contributions.

Registration fee includes:

  • All meals and snacks during the Shabbat retreat and Ride
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Luggage transport
  • SAG (support and gear) vehicles
  • Rest stops every 15-20 miles
  • Mechanical support

Additional Costs and Fees:

We organize bus and bike transportation to the retreat location for a small additional fee. We also may have bike rentals available. You have the opportunity to pay the additional fees on a logistics form which is emailed out before the ride. We also hope to have Hazon apparel and other merchandise for sale at the ride.

Fundraising Minimums

Hazon Rides are one of the largest sources of support for the Jewish Environmental Movement. Learn more about how your fundraising makes a difference.

You must reach your minimum fundraising requirement by October 31, 2015. If you have not reached your fundraising minimum by the ride, we will collect your credit card information as a guarantee, but we will not charge the balance until October 31st.

To help you reach your fundraising goal, we strongly encourage you to set the goal on your personal web page above your required minimum (the goal you list has no bearing on your fundraising obligation; you are only responsible for the minimums listed above).  In 2014, the average fundraising total per rider was $1600.  Learn more about how your fundraising makes a difference.


Fundraising can seem like a challenge if you have never done it before. We believe you can achieve your fundraising goals just like you can achieve the mileage goal. Many riders from previous rides have told us over and over again, “It was easy.” “Fundraising can be fun.” “I reached my goal and even exceeded my goal.” “People were happy to contribute to my goal.” The NY Ride leadership and Hazon staff are committed to helping you achieve your fundraising goals.

You will receive a fundraising pack after you register that includes tips on how to get started, whom to ask, information about where the money goes that you can share with your donors, and sample fundraising letters. We are happy to answer questions, coach you through personal solicitations and even read your fundraising letters before you send them out.


When you register for our programs we are counting on your participation and plan accordingly, and therefore the registration fee is non-refundable. If you cancel before August 10th, you are not responsible for your fundraising minimum. If you cancel after August 11th, we hold you to a $500 fundraising level to help cover costs. If you cancel in the week before the Ride, we will hold you to $800. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving early. Please note that donations are non-refundable and non-transferable.