Vision & Mission

Hazon means vision.

We create healthier and more sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond.

Our programs are multi-generational and give entry points for Jews of all backgrounds who are concerned about the environment and the world. Hazon serves a national and international population; members of every denomination and those who are unaffiliated; intergenerational from children to seniors – including families and singles, with a particular focus on young adults interested in developing the skills to take on leadership roles in their communities and make a difference in the world.

We effect change in the world in three ways:

Our programs directly touch lives in powerful ways.

Hazon’s New York Ride is held over 4 days during Labor Day weekend in the New York area and draws over 300 participants from across the country. Rider fundraising supports the work of Hazon and its major partners. A series of smaller grants are allocated to projects in the Jewish community.

Hazon’s Golden Gate Ride is held in the spring in Northern California. We launched our inaugural Ride in 2010 with 120 participants. The Ride features Hazon programming at the Shabbat retreat, followed by a beautiful ride in Sonoma and Marin Counties, and ending in San Francisco.

The Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Ride: Cycling for Peace, Partnership & the Environment is held annually over 7 days in the Fall. The Israel Ride is a 200-300 mile journey that provides participants the opportunity to experience the beauty and challenges of the Israeli landscape in a whole new way.

Retreats at Isabella Freedman take place throughout the year. Click here for a full list of upcoming retreats.

The Hazon Food Conference brings together foodies, educators, rabbis, farmers, nutritionists, chefs, food writers, and families who share a passion for learning about and celebrating food.

The Adamah Fellowship is a three-month leadership training program for Jewish young adults in their 20s that integrates organic farming, sustainable living, Jewish learning, community building and contemplative spiritual practice.

Teva is a transformative experience twice over: first, for the middle-school students who come for four days at a time to connect Jewish tradition and ecological stewardship; and secondly, for the 20-somethings (and a few 30-somethings) who live at Teva for 10 weeks at a time, teaching the intensive Teva programs.

Writing, speaking, teaching, and advocacy.

The Jewish Food Education Network (JFEN) offers resources, curricula, and training about food and Jewish tradition, to help you navigate questions on topics such as nutrition, industrial farming, obesity, and family food traditions in a Jewish context. JFEN enables educators to tap into the passion about food and the environment in their communities and use food as a platform for innovative Jewish education.

“The Jew and the Carrot,” a partnership between Hazon and the Forward, at, serves as a public front page for our food work, bringing the discussions among Jewish farmers, day school educators, food enthusiasts, chefs, and families about what is kosher – literally, “fit” – for us to eat to far reaching corners of the Jewish community and beyond.

Through the work initiated two years ago with the Jewish Climate Change Campaign, Hazon is participating in a new global initiative on Green Pilgrim Cities to inspire pilgrims on all continents and the pilgrim cities that receive them to leave a positive footprint on the Earth.

Supporting great people and projects in North America and Israel.

Capacity-building means seeking to effect change not just by impacting individuals as individuals, but also by seeking to strengthen organizations, create and develop networks and hubs, and foster leadership development. Capacity-building includes catalyzing and supporting the Jewish Food Movement. And increasingly, in the next few years, it will mean for us field-building – seeking to develop the worlds of Jewish Food Education, Jewish Outdoor, Food & Environmental Education (JOFEE) in multiple ways.

Capacity-building includes

  • Publishing the JOFEE Report
  • Developing a JOFEE Network – seeking to recruit, train, network, support, and help deploy a growing number of people who are interested in working in the JOFEE field, in multiple ways, as well as supporting and networking alumni of Adamah, Teva, Urban Adamah and other immersive JOFEE programs
  • Fostering new networks and ideas in relation to Jewish Intentional Community
  • Supporting rabbis, educators, Jewish leaders, and Jewish institutions around the country, especially in Boulder, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, and San Francisco.
  • Our local and regional staff work closely with a range of institutions and leaders to support and strengthen Jewish life, including by launching a series of one-day Jewish Food Festivals around the country, by growing the largest faith-based network of Community-Supported Agriculture projects in North America, and by utilizing our Food Guide and Audit Toolkit in Jewish institutions
  • Helping to strengthen Israel-diaspora working relationships in relation to shmita, intentional communities and sustainable food systems
  • Providing fiscal sponsorships to other organizations and overseeing Makom Hadash to help incubate, house and network great young organizations in the Jewish world
  • Co-founding the Jewish Intentional Communities Conference, and seeking to support that emerging network
  • Helping to develop the Siach Network, and convening a series of gatherings bringing together leaders from the environmental and social justice worlds in Israel, Europe and North America
  • Raising money for other organizations, including over $2m we've helped to raise for the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in the last ten years
  • Naming and catalyzing the Jewish Food Movement, including our Food Conference and a series of gatherings
Hazon is one of the largest American funders of the Israeli environmental movement. Our outdoor events support some of the most vital work happening on environmental issues in Israel. The Israel Ride has raised over $1.5 million for the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. It also enables participants to learn first hand about some of the key issues Israel faces, and some of the ways that environmentalists are helping to create peace. Hazon supports a number of environmental organizations that have significantly benefited from the grants awarded through the New York and California Rides. Since 2000, we have given away $600,000 to support more than 70 projects. Additionally, Hazon fiscally sponsors a number of innovative and cutting edge Jewish environmental organizations, including Jewish Farm School and Wilderness Torah. Hazon CSA is the first Jewish Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in North America and is currently the largest faith-based CSA program in the country. In 2010, more than 50 Hazon CSAs put over $1 million in Jewish family purchasing power behind local, sustainable farms. Hazon CSA sites include JCCs, synagogues, Jewish day schools, and Hillels - and we'd love to add your community to the list. Contact to apply.

Read our original mission statement from 2000.